Xbox version crashing before loading is finished every time

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xbox version crashes during loading every time. This started today. It gets past the press any key part and checking for updates. I enclose a photo right before it CTD. This is series x console no problems otherwise. No peripherals except controller. All I can think that is different today is I updated MSN weather app on the xbox

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start the game. It crashes before it finishes loading the game.

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whatever is current today.

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There’s already a solution proposed by MS/Asobo. Links here in the forum (u need to search) … if I remember correctly it involves deleting the reserved space on the XBox.

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Hello @graspee,

Please try the steps described in this post and report back if you are still experiencing crashes prior to reaching the loading screen:



Thanks. I was trying to avoid having to do this as it takes a long time and uses 150 gig of download.