Your configuration with Hp reverb g1

GTX 1080 / 8600K @ 4.8 ( 64GB RAM ) supposedly this should be underwhelming when reading performance reports. Bought MSFS just day ago with VR release, started up, boy-oh-boy that was horrible, stutters, crashes, washed out.

So, after analysing performance tutorial I put EVERYTHING on OFF or Low, But for

  • Render scaling 90
  • Antialiasing TAA
  • Terrain vector data ULTRA
  • Texture resolution ULTRA

Installed OpenXR developer tools,

  • Custom render scale 50% (!)
  • Motion Reprojection DISABLED

The trick seems to be, that this ‘obsolete’ (wth) GTX 1080 when testing with all ‘medium’ or ‘low’ settings looks either washed out, or, has HORRIBLE performance when you set random parameters to high(er).

With all OFF, or Lowest, MSFS looks like soup, but, when only Textures ULTRA and Texture resolution ULTRA, all the soup disappears and looks good and sharp, despite Terrain level of detail 10/100, and the GTX 1080 can keep up (with these low render scalings), no lags, no stutters, and looks great (the tutorial links shows the differences, which are completely mitigated within the HP Reverb goggles on).

(I have no idea why this - in particular OpenXR 50% - even works)