0Q3 Sonoma Valley Airport Entirely Flattened

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0Q3 Sonoma Valley Airport has completely flat buildings. Missing photogrammetry or generic 3D buildings.

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ICAO or coordinates (DevMode > Options > Display position)


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Load C&D at a parking space and look around external to the aircraft.

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I really do not think this is related to the beta.

Do I have to opt out of the beta, reload the retail release and check to prove this?

Hello @NixonRedgrave,
If this persists after the beta, send a private message to @moderators to have the topic moved.

Or if anyone can confirm it’s present in SU9, we’ll move it into the main Bug Reporting category.

Is this with DX12 enabled? If yes, could you try with DX11?

I tested it on:
• Xbox Series X (unknown if DX11 or DX12 is utilized)
• PC w/ DX11
• PC w/ DX12

Same results — flat structures.

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Ok. Sim update launches tomorrow at 1500Z.

May we please move this into the regular sim bugs sub forum?


We’ll need to wait until the Community Managers handle the Beta forum. If your topic does not get put into the main Bug Reporting, then DM @moderators :+1:

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This appears to be fixed on

EDIT: Added screenshot.

Fixed as of World Update 11.