- VR went from FPS 25 to less then 15, 10 after landed

Had smooth 25+ FPS before latest, now not flyable anymore with FPS less then 15, 10 after landed.

OpenXR 60%, MSFS Render 70%, which is bare minimum


8600K 64GB RAM HP Reverb G2

Completely apart from VR, I’ve suffered the same performance hit when using my monitor. I went from 25+ FPS before the update to about 10 FPS now in many areas. Before the update, I was getting very smooth performance. Now, the sim is mostly unusable. I made no changes at all in hardware or settings.

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Seems to be reoccurring thread as of late, big slowdown worst time on final.

Ditto…40 to 50% reduction of FPS on approach and landing

Same here, big drop in performance near or on the ground

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Thank god, thought i was going mad, been trying different settings.

Just curious, are you guys using HAGS? I’m asking because while very smooth in the air, I found HAGS enabled to be very stuttery on the ground.

I have it switched off.

I have HAGS off

Same here. VR performance really nice in the air, horrible on approach and when parked near a terminal :sleepy:

Re-installed X-plane, default B738, took ‘some’ tweaking to get to 35-60 FPS in VR, now OK, flies great, looks great tho MSFS weather/scenery looks better, as a painting.

I’ll come back to MSFS when I read ‘massive improvement MSFS’ somewhere.

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