Hi guys,

I think it is also necessary to say thank you once. Some of you have experienced the impossible round trip with the update to It is not the first and will not be the last.

But in the end it only took some time and the update has arrived in the Microsoft Store, installed and is running.
At least for me and I hope for everyone else too.

As much as we can all grumble loudly and complain, I think we should also say thank you once in a while. The update is very cool, I’m excited about it and happy that I can finally fly again!

Asobo does a hard job, they do it consistently and they do it well. The new update has (once again) fully convinced me that the developers are making every effort to deliver a good SIM that has all the potential to lead the pack for a long time to come.

Take a look at the star rating in the MS Store and seriously ask yourself if this rating is fair for what is already there?

I will give one and I will be very honest.

Asobo, keep going, don’t let it get you down and take the complaints (which also come from me) as constructive criticism.


Hello @Scip2009 .

As your topic is not directly addressing a bug, I have moved your topic into #community:general-discussion-feedback.

Thank you for your feedback and happy flying.

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