Download rate for the update

Stable 100 MBit download rate for me - this is what my DSL is capable of.
Fastest download ever.

What are your experiences?

Had 300 here, constant…

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Around 200 Mbits for me, stable download.


Updating the binaries I got 400+mbps…

but always do - even when subsequently getting slow content download speeds…

but updating the content I got 300+mbps

…However, I only see the ‘drop to 2.5mbps’ when downloading certain content files so perhaps this update didn’t have any of the ‘trigger’ files!

Edit: this on a 500mbps fiber connection.

My download was at full speed. 20Mbits. (that’s all that’s available in my area)

Mine went fine, took about 30 seconds but I didn’t notice the exact speed.

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Updating the client was hellishly slow this time for me, couldn’t exceed 1Mbps. But updating the packages went fine.

Stable @ 250…

About the same as previous updates (30 Mbps +/- 5 or so).
This time, packages 1-12 downloaded at 25-41 Mbps. Package 13 (the A320neo) was noticeably slower at ~ 11-25 Mbps.

Exactly the same here… at least some improvement, the last update was slow for both parts

250/270 stable.

Took about 3 minutes to download

Mine was super fast to download, went to make a coffee and it was done by the time I had come back (5 minutes most).

Fastest ever for me, my full capable 200 Mbit/s!

slow… 6-10.5 mbps have gig internet…

Full speed for me as well, this looks promising, I hope it last.

Slow here too (europe) 6-8 Mb/s on a 1Gig line :frowning:
after 10 minutes suddenly shot to 200Mb/s and stayed there…

100\103 Mbit stable. Munich.

Packages went at approx 50 Mbits/s here in UK with 1 gig line. Constant speed (give or take) with none of the usual slow, quick, slow, quick patterns that I usually see.

I’ll hold off on voting. I have 2Gig service and have had FS DL’s pushing 900 with a consistent and stable 500 in the past. I now routinely have a VERY, VERY repetitive spike to 300 then fall back to near 0. Once at 0 it will climb back to 300 then fall again.

Downloading .11.0 I did get a stable and consistent 250 thru the whole process so was pleased with that though I feel it should be MUCH better. However as I said above, I had this and better before so I am expecting it is another ‘one time thing’ until I see otherwise.