[] SU15 Beta Survey - Performance (PC)

Please indicate your playability of the sim with the following statement - PC performance (frames per second) in this build is generally:
  • Great
  • Good
  • Acceptable
  • Poor
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[Moderator edit: please do not tag the Community Managers] There is no beta for me, im still with 1.37.9 and msfs isnt giving me option to update. I did untick beta from steam and enabled it again. Still for me.

Honestly best performance I’ve ever had on the sim. 30FPS locked and steady at EDDF using INI a32N (had always bad perf since day one and since it came back) with live traffic and it doesn’t even stutter. Always had issues with EDDF and refrained from flying to/from it.


It’s still a CTD fest. It’s smooth for the few minutes it works before our favorite white box with the error code pops up. Glad my PC is fast so switching versions and reloading only takes 15-20 min.

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What about graphics quality? ait didn’t get worse?

Can’t comment. I loaded in at KNQX live when I tried it last night. I run it at 350 LOD so it always looks pretty solid for me.

TLOD is down to 150 to get same performance I was getting at 250 in SU14 at same res.

To a certain extent I can live with that (don’t mean I like it) but what is unacceptable to me is that the micro-stutter when panning view is back and just a bad as ever. Frames are NOT the problem, they are just fine.

Oh, and I’d be remiss if I did not mention that (in addition to traffic being dumber than ever) it is now such a performance hit that it is unusable (for me anyway). I can to a certain extent deal with either dumb AI or AI that tanks performance, I can’t deal with both.

Not a fan of 15.


How much do you have ram memory? Do you have page file enabled in Windows settings?

Hello, anyone here facing 15-20% drop in fps after the recent beta update? I have a few friends who are experiencing the same.


I’m experiencing super smooth flight just as long as I don’t enable any AI traffic be it FSLTL, Real Time or AI and I stay away from larger airports. As I approach an airport I’m still getting the usual split second hiccup or two whilst (presumably) the scenery files load. As soon as I enable any kind of traffic in the air I get occasional pauses. They’re never more than a second but certainly long enough and often enough to be a real irritant. This is with all other traffic, including ships turned off. I’m not optimistic that they’ll be able to do anything about this in MSFS2020 but I sincerely hope 2024 isn’t similarly afflicted, it’s probably the only major complaint I personally have about what is otherwise a dream come true.

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So with traffic disabled flying into larger airports you still get scenery stutters? I wouldn’t call that super smooth flight.

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Is SU15 natevily supporting Resizable bar? // 3060Ti 8Gb Vram-player :wink:

So, i actually went back to SU14 to do some comparisons. To be honest, performance doesn’t seem to be that much different to SU15 for me. At least in vanilla state.

They both struggle under the same/similar circumstances, if anything SU15 seem to maybe have higher lows than SU14, which would explain the subjectively smoother experience in SU15 (it droped less often to the low 40s).
On both DX11 has some red spikes in frametime sometimes when moving the camera.
Both have lower fps when turning the camera in medium/high duty circumstances.
Both run at my locked 60 vsync in low duty circumstances.

Biggest direct difference is that SU15 uses double the RAM than SU14.

My System:
3080ti driver. 551.86
2x 1TB M2 SSDs
Win 10

Tested with empty community folder. Only couple of VFR planes and Runway enhancement as 3rd party from the store. All free stuff installed from the store.


here are some comparison screenshots, left is SU15, right SU14:



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If I look at these settings… no wonder that it struggles…

Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear enough! It is super smooth if I don’t have Ai traffic enabled and I don’t go near large airports. If I do either of those things its not super smooth. Hope that clarifies things for you.


64GB. My PC isn’t the issue.

I’m not talking about whether you get smooth because of the settings you have. Based on your standard settings you guys already had, did the recent beta update gave you guys a drop in performance or drop in fps?? Because I did feel like there is drop in fps and performance and I have some other friends who felt it too.
So I’m just asking around so I can solidify that the recent beta update could have somewhat broke the simulator a little.
Hopefully the next update smoothen things out.

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To be honest, those were the worst case scenarios (photogrammetry, weather, lot of live traffic). I usually use the New York discovery flight and starting at Santa Monica and flying towards KLAX for that.
85-90% of the time I have rather stable 60fps in vanilla state (no mods in community folder).
Things change when I add WeLoveVFR and mamudesign’s stuff. Then those worst cases can drop into the 30s.
I’d really would love to have a standardized benchmark run or something similar, to better test things. It’s really hard to fly the exact same each time and take screenshots at the same spots/camera direction.

Yep! The issue is really the traffic which causes the most stutters/performance loss! Otherwise the game is fairly smooth, SU14 and SU15 beta! Pretty much the same! I think a lot of us were hoping for a significant improvement with SU15 after the January Live Developer update but that just didn’t happen! And at this point, it seems to be the game limitation…

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Have cleared your cache files after every SU update and after every GPU driver updates? My tool clears those automaticly and makes a backup. It can help with crashes.

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