Reduced LOD?

I see some drastically reduced tree and building radius around KLAX (all settings Ultra, Trees and Buildings High).

Anyone who can confirm?

What is your actual LOD setting? That’s what typically dictates the draw distance… but I’ve too seen some rather not so pretty LODs lately too.

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I concur, but I noticed a pretty significant reduction in around klax and Kmia. Other areas too but very noticeable in those 2 places that I fly to frequently.


Why is the default reaction to always reduce LOD?

Not like it’s a new ‘solution’ either:

If the team are going to make any changes in SUs, then the minimum should be to maintain the performance available in the current version.


LOD for terrain and objects is both set to 200.

I noticed some slightly decreased draw radius in SU14, it seemed to get better in SU15beta and .5.0, and now in .7.0 I saw a drastic decrease.

Setting “Trees” and “Buildings” on Ultra made it better with no noticeable loss of fps and set the draw radius back to a similar value as in SU14.

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In my experience KLAX is especially prone to scenery pop-in due to decreased LOD, especially on approach to 25L and 25R in the area at ten o’clock, south of the airport.

I agree on the 10 o’clock. But the straight ahead at klax and kmia is a 6 mile edge of trees and vastly reduced buildings. My latency from current production game .14 to beta went from 23ms down to 12-14ms. So I’m getting excellent smoothness and frames compared to before. But poor Tlod.

Edit. I have not fired up yet

I think Asobo could get rid of Fs2020 and release Fs2024. Every beta is a mess. Downgrade of scenery details and quality. Really this is the stutters solution?

IMHO, please delay SU15 and keep the 14 version. Way much better.


I also noticed that I have at most 1 to 2 mile radius around me and then it droppes to nothing. Settings on ULTRA 200 and 400 respectivly.

what makes you think FS2024 will be “better”? I sure hope it will be… agree, this beta in particular has been very rough and seems to take steps backwards in regards to performance.

Overall, on latest beta, performance is good until approach (for me) - was trying to land at St Louis, in the rain (live weather) and my 70+fps went to 10fps then went to 2fps. Just insanely bad.

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Never experienced that here - what are your hardware specs? is running very good for me. Great fps and very smooth. However in my opinion this great performance is at the expense of TLOD which has drastically been reduced. Just my experience and opinion but Tlod 400 is the old 150 or less from the first release.


The reduced drawing distance also affects the Xbox. And it looks terrible on approaches and at some airports. I really hope that the beta will not be released like this.

I recently bought a very well equipped PC which is due to be delivered next week. It would be a huge disappointment if the TLOD on the PC was so significantly reduced.


Have you disabled/removed all your mods and add-ons?

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As of the update, the ground textures pop to a very low level of detail, even at a low altitude. It’s immediately apparent upon loading the flight, and during the “flyby” cameras, and can also be observed with the Showcase camera and while flying. The ground/terrain textures pop very hard and visibly in and out of detail as you change your altitude.

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Even the pilot and ground workers go to Roblox mode when you zoom out. Id be ok with most of it if they figured out a way to keep runways and aprons sharp at distance. I hate when an airport looks like a mud puddle with a gray blob in it at 5 miles out. Flight sims should prioritize the flight stuff.

On Xbox dump the fancy traffic 3rd party livery and aircraft and use default aircraft with better matching there and focus on keeping airports in focus. Then stretch LOD within limits.

Well the Xbox can’t handle liveries with the limited ram but let’s keep it anyway and throttle back everything else. Regardless if you can’t line up visually to land one of dem dare planes.

It’s like when a teenager locks on to an assignment 3 weeks out and refuses to work on what’s due tomorrow. Save that stuff for the next console generation and stop causing new problems.

The new live traffic behavior looks really good, you can’t see livery details from 2 miles out so why bother bogging it down trying to. They refuse to simply recolor generics. People wouldn’t ask for livery matching if the airlines didn’t look so stupid in the first place.


If you go to dev mode and then to debug vegetation I think it is, it will tell you the draw distance in nm. I’m more than happy to do a comparison with SU14 to see if it has been reduced.

So if someone wants to go to a specific airport and tell me TLOD OLOD Tree and Buildings settings I will compare.

I also get the feeling they have slowly decreased draw distance over the sim updates and reduced the quality of the sim, so it would be great to actually test this.


I can expect it will be better than fs2020. Graphics, realism, better ground and textures, flight models etc. it’s a new product, makes no sense still the same as 2020 version

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This is taken at EKAH with TLOD at 200 and tree detail at ultra. Im parked at stand 3 and just moved my camera up a bit. (SU15 beta)

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OK I will do the same in SU14. I recognise those values though, so I think maybe the same distances.

Looks pretty similar visually and the same numbers…