1 and a half year in, worst state of the game

Hey there,

I´ve been praising MSFS from the start. And what looked like a promising start turned into a ■■■■■■■■ today.

Honestly, where are we at the moment? Constant delays of 3rd parties because of a what it seems like a not usable sdk, servers are down all the time, new features filled with bugs, like the new weather, which is a complete mess. And the worst thing is, no seems to test this stuff at all. How can a thing with the cloud levels (agl vs msl) even slip through testing?! HOW???

Then we had the store fail last night. Like srsly…The whole update process not to mention…

I always said right from the alpha, the MS Store integration along with the ingame marketplace will eventually kill this thing. And we´re on a good path…

You don´t even know or can access the files put in your system by the ms store, that is so stupid. I cant even comprehend. And this makes updating the sim a pain in the ■■■ for the devs too I bet. Because there is some stupid packaging and verification involved I guess. Just look how it takes for some minor hotfixes to be implemented. And then ofc there has to be xbox comp…

I´m so fed up, went back to xp11 recently and havent even started msfs since su7…what a shame really


I feel your pain. It’s hard to believe how glacial the progress has been. It doesn’t seem to matter how many people complain about game breaking problems like CTDs. It falls on deaf ears.

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There’s always information on Developer Updates, also SU7 Update Survey - Crashes

So, not sure what you mean by ‘It falls on deaf ears’.

Waiting five months for CTDs to be fixed qualifies, in my opinion.

It can be frustrating, hopefully the turnaround will get quicker as the sim matures.

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