1 TB SSD or 1 TB M.2_2 NVME

It has a dedicated slot…but it will disable

SATA 5 and 6 slots on this motherboard

And I have the other SSD drives there I will have to move them…

Thanks for the help

Will I have to change settings on BIOS

After moving SSD to ports 1 thru 4

Yeah I wouldn’t want any flightsim on the same drive, but I also wouldn’t want to create a 2nd partition on an nvme either.

Saying that…
I have a 500gb nvme(OS) and a 1tb nvme for all my FSGU NG, VFR GenX3, addons etc.
My flightsim/addon aircraft are on an SSD and I use the other SSD’s for my steam library.

I didn’t have to, everything was fine. I am running an AMD rig, so I did download and install the latest chipset drivers again afterwards though. The motherboard runs SATA 1-4, and the Ryzen CPU runs 5&6, so I figured reinstalling them would make sure everything knew where everything was :¬)

You will probably have to enable PCIe in the BIOS as well.
One quirk of my setup was that the motherboard does not see the PCIe drive in the list of SATA drives.
THe boot sequence page shows it in there though, and I had to enable my motherboard PCIe onboard driver as well.

Afaict without seeing the manual for detailed info…
If you set the nvme to use PCI-e lanes, your GPU will be running @ x8 speed instead of x16, since your cpu has a max of 16 lanes.

PCIe config: Up to 1x16, 2x8, 1x8+2x4
Max # PCIe Lanes = 16

*1 The PCIe x4_3 slot shares bandwidth with PCIex1_3. The PCIe x4_3 is default set at x2 mode.
*2 When the M.2_1 Socket 3 is operating in SATA mode, SATA port 1 will be disabled.
*3 When the M.2_2 Socket 3 is operating in PCIEX4 mode, SATA port 5. 6 will be disabled.

You should definitely check (@the rog boards forums) to make sure, before making your choice.

I’ll add, if you can stretch the budget, get a 2TB drive instead. It may seem like overkill now, but in 12-18 months you’ll thank yourself

I went through the cycle of “I only need a 500Mb drive”, then 6 months later “should have bought a 1TB drive” a few too many times. So on my last drive update, I just bit the bullet and got a 2TB Samsung 970 EVO+. I haven’t had to think about disk space since.

Well, any drive can fail. Place your MSFS on a drive other than ‘C’. Now, your ‘C’ runs merrily along for years but the drive holding MSFS fails two months later. Same trap - Full reinstall. Only real protection
Backup - Backup - Backup.

That is true for sure.

It’s also why many folks have 3 or 4 spare ssd’s that they only use for images.
eg. 2 x msfs20 and 2 x Sys… …redundancy.