1 TB SSD or 1 TB M.2_2 NVME

Need help …had MSFS on 250 GB
But running out of room

Load times not a concern …just need space for some airports and a couple of planes

So should I buy a 1TB SSD or a 1Tb m.2_2 nvme

Any suggestions???

Both options will work fine. I’m running MSFS on a 2tb sata SSD and is plenty fast on load times. Go with what you can afford. Either options will serve you well.

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Get 1 TB M.2_2 NVME, better performance.

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It is the faster options. You may not notice that huge of a difference when in games or other applications but spec wise, yes it is better.

Most of the wait times are server side. You may see a slight increase in load times. Performance while flying won’t make any difference at all.

There is however direct storage coming soon on Windows systems. You need at least a 1 TB m2 drive to take advantage of it. I would go for the M2 option just for that.

Agreed. Also with M.2 you won’t have to deal with cables.

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Does MSFS have to be reconfigured/programmed to accommodate Direct Storage when it is activated in Windows?

Yes, from what has been said so far. It is just an extra tool in the box much like DX12.

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If you can, always get the faster option, however when I switched from a SATA SSD to NVMe I didn’t notice any improvement in loading time. Since SATA and NVMe sren’t that far apart in price I would still always go for NVMe. I would also recommend to move Windows to NVMe if possible in case that’s still running via SATA


Second that , but performance wise it’s marginal

Dealing with cables will be an issue on the m2

Due to fact that it will disable data ports 5 and 6 on motherboard…and I have two SSD drives there

But I don’t see a problem …perhaps I can just move them to other ports


Where is the nvme going to be placed?

If the nvme has a dedicated slot, there will be no cables to deal wih.
Also, every mobo’s different so you may not lose any sata ports at all, especially if it’s like the above.

The only thing that might be an issue, is maybe losing PCI-e lanes in either the CPU or the GPU.
Depending on your HW, if the nvme is put into a PCI-e slot in the mobo, then you’re GPU might only run @ x8.
This could be especially true, if you use a sound card that runs off of PCI-e lanes or you plan to add one at a later date.

Saying that, some mobo’s don’t allow you to change what speeds the PCI-e slots run at if multiple slots are utilised.
So placement is key re. where and what slot you’re putting it into.

It totaly depends on your HW and how many PCI-e lanes your CPU has.
nvme is way better when it comes to speed but as stated, placement is key with ‘heat’ being a part of it.

What is your mobo+cpu?

I had the same problem, that the NVMe drive disabled two SATA ports (5&6).
All mine are now in slots 1-4 and everything is running fine this way round.

I use it for temp folders for GIMP and windows temp, all my caches are on there as well as swap files for COreldraw/GIMP/Firefox/Google Earth etc.
It made a noticeable difference to performance of those apps

Get the 1 TB M.2 NVME, it has better performance.

M.2 for sure. Make it your C drive and put windows and msf2020 on it and your addons as well , pilottoatc, air manager ,etc…. Anything not msf related put it on a different drive. Fastest and best. No shutters great frames no ctd.

Well I gotta’ say… I personally wouldn’t recommend putting msfs on the ‘system’ drive, even under C:\

I mean, what happens if/when you maybe want to wipe the drive in order to have no traces of a previous windows version. Or, you either wish to reinstall or go for a different version OS.
Maybe the boot fails or the OS has a catastrophic error that isn’t recoverable.

Choices, choices, just saying…

No need to. You can create a second partition. 150 GB for Windows. Rest for MSFS.
Or do you mean you wouldn’t want it on the same SSD?

Asus maximus IX Hero


This drive will only be for MSFS and nothing else

I have two other SSD drives one for win and other for p3d