10 vs 12 GB Vram?

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I wanna upgrade my GPU. Should i get the 3080 10 GB or the 3080 12 GB? I play mostly in VR. Is it worth paying 200 Dollar more for 2 GB more Vram?

Its not just VRAM, the 3080 12GB also has 200+ more CUDA cores, more tensor cores, faster memory.

Its roughly 3-5% faster than the 10GB, assuming the bin is better, also will be better overclocker too.

So personally id buy the 12GB variant (assuming not insane price)


I’ve seen posts in the forums that people have observed with certain dense scenery/airports that it uses a substantial amount of VRAM. For example, someone just mentioned recently that in NYC they were seeing VRAM usage near 10GB? Would be good to get some confirmation. I’m on xbox but moving to PC soon and assumed I would want 12GB 3080 (prices continue to fall weekly here in US so I’m still waiting it out).


Huh? The sim literally uses all the available vram on your card. I had to lower my texture resloution to high from ultra. My 8GB of vram literally gets saturated at payware airports.

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Good to know. I don’t have payware airports. I’ll experiment with it a bit.
EDIT: I loaded up World Update USA, Seattle Landmarks, and Ultra texture resolution, and doubled my VRAM usage to 8GB. So the answer is, more is better. This would explain the awful performance some are having with lower VRAM cards because the copy process between dedicated and shared VRAM can cause strong stutters.

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I have a card with 12GB of VRAM and the sim will use all of it under certain circumstances. I’m running the sim flat out right now…all Ultra/400. Normally uses 7-8GB over the countryside and climbs as you approach the big cities. Presumably, lower settings would use less VRAM.

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The amount of VRAM (or RAM) in use doesn’t necessarily mean that much is actually required. Software should be written to make the most of whatever’s available, keeping data where it’s most efficiently accessible.

I’ve had a 3080 since launch and only 10GB has never been an issue.

4gb? Really? I don’t think so… The Sim uses whatever it can get, in my case. See here with my 3080ti.

No you don’t. You don’t read either before you try to shoot me down. And how does that help the OP answer their question?

Mine uses about 13GB (on a 3090ti), it uses what it can…

I don’t know what you’re on about. I didn’t shoot you down. The Sim uses whatever it can get, is the point I was trying to make.

The 12GB 3080 runs at a slower clock speed, and - apparently - runs pretty hot. Same thing as the 3080ti.

All I can say is, I just upgraded my rig and choosing between the three 3080 models the most “bang for the buck” seems to be the 10GB 3080.

I love mine so far; the fans don’t even spin unless you’re really pushing it. Butter smooth and stutter free - even in VR - in MSFS.

Your milage may vary. :slight_smile:

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