10FPS with RTX 3080 in VR with Reverb G2. Solutions?

Im having the same problems, RTX 3080, 9900k, 32gb, and a HP reverb G1, i get ± 30 FPS but a lot of stutter, rolling back to 457.30 helps but isn’t a game changer.

I would be more then happy to give up some clarity for more fps but whatever settings i use it always the same, even on ultra with 100% render scaling 28fps (but stutter).

I really hope they update there drivers so we can all enjoy this very nice sim

I’ve got an RTX 3080 too and it seems pretty clear the new RTX 3000 series cards are not well optimised for VR at the moment. Hopefully Nvidia will get that sorted out soon.

The sim itself is obviously still in its early days of VR. Its pretty much still in an open beta phase. Sometimes I start the sim up in VR and get almost perfect performance, steady high FPS with most settings on ultra. Yet sometimes I can boot up the sim with no change to any of my settings and its all gone to a bit of a mess with visual artifacts everywhere and a really annoying stuttering.

Its that sort of instability I think Asobo will iron out over the coming months I hope.


Hi Mobias,

May i ask how many FPS you are getting in a good session?

Hi @CptLucky8 the barrel distortion when rendering at native resolution has never been obvious or a problem for me, I would be interested to know if you have seen this effect running at native resolution on the G2 or any other headset.

So given that, your use of ‘optimal’ here is related to picture quality, thats fair enough. Anything past 50% for the G2 and you are still supersampling right and therefore you’ll have deminishing returns for picture quality against performance.

I only ask as I’ve seen many youtubers explain barrel distortion and give there reasons why you need to run at 100% resolution in Steam therefore making the rest of us look bad (for running at native resolution) and I just feel this is the wrong message to give if you have a G2 which already asks a lot of your system anyway.

I would say on average I get about 25 FPS. Render scale on 100 most other settings on ultra or high. I was just enjoying a flight through the Alps there in the MB-339 at quite low level and it does look amazing but there is just a very slight stutter for me. I’m missing a frame somewhere. Like I said in my earlier post the stutter seems to oddly come and go. Yesterday I was playing and it was really smooth. More often than not though I do get that stutter.

I’d suggest you have a look at Alex Vlachos videos I’ve posted near the end of this post:

My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

It will explain things better!

TL;DR: because the VR driver must distort the image with barrel distortion to compensate for the lenses pincushion distortion, you have to render at a sufficient resolution so that the rendered image resolution as enough pixels at its center to fully represent each of the distorted image pixels. With the G2 resolution you shouldn’t notice much difference it you’re using a resolution a little bit lower than 100% (1.5x native res) but you might start noticing more aliasing artifacts at 50% (1.0x native res though).

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Fps in fs2020 varies so much in vr. In sims such as xplane it is fairly consistent no matter what aircraft etc. Super dissapointing, also I seem to get low cpu and gpu usage with my i7 9700k and rtx2080ti.

Let’s hope they will finetune everything a bit more like they did with x-plane. I just can’t go back to x-plane it feels so 20’s :wink:


Not optimized for VR? Not really. This is a MSFS problem I think - the MSFS is not optimized for VR, not the 3000 series. My 3080 is absolutely stellar in the most graphically intense VR game: Half-Life Alyx. In the G2 graphics and mesh detail is stunning. It really is. I’m playing through the whole game again after completing it last March in Rift S. And I’ve never replayed a game in my life. IT’s jaw-dropping stunning. Butter-smooth, no stutter at all, all settings on Ultra.

Medal of Honor also plays well. There are many people complaining online about that game being impossible to run smoothly. It does have some problems sometimes, but in the actual gameplay it’s very smooth. So, while the drivers can of course be optimized more, I believe it’s the MSFS itself that is at fault here, most likely. Considering Asobo did not bother implementing VR controllers at all, putting MSFS behind competing sims, they must have rushed VR release to have people play VR before Chrismas. Which was a good idea in general, but they need to finish the job, optimize the performance and implement VR controllers. And also work with Nvidia on VR optimization with drivers.


That’s precisely because the software is rendering a distorted image to compensate for that. In every game or app for VR. Basically it has to render higher-res image for the center of the image to remain sharp after the necessary distortion correction. It almost begs to have some algorithm that wouldn’t make it necessary, rendering only the pixels that need to be rendered (kinda like DLSS maybe?) but I don’t know about about that to speculate further. The fact is it’s a massive amount of pixels to get G2 to remain at full resolution.

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Yeah fair points. I only got my headset recently, and my 3080 for that matter, so haven’t ventured much into other games yet. Hope Asobo get things a bit better optimised soon.

I just tried the non g1000 aircraft like the 152 and i am getting a whopping 60fps in the air and 45 on the ground. Never expected such kind of difference

What kind of settings are you using?

Standard vr settings on 100% render scaling.

With the zlin shock i got the 60 in the air. The simpler the aircraft the more fps.

Right now I’m running with a MSI Mortar AMD 5800X, EVGA 3090 FTW3, GSkill Trident 32GB of RAM and Corsair AIO watercooled system. My display is the HP Reverb G2 with the Logitech X52. Just want to fly around and get smooth…please help. Do I need to upgrade anything?

Your post would be so funny, if it weren’t sad… Top of the line GPU, high-end CPU, you have a stellar system. And you are asking about upgrading? It’s the MSFS that needs to be “upgraded” so it would run well on high-end PCs. Maybe Nvidia drivers too… Looks like there’s nothing we can really do, but some mitigation with settings.

Joining @RomanDesign here:

Yes you have to upgrade your whole computer in changing it to a real aircraft! You’ll get smooth and accurate flight models, realistic weather conditions, accurate turbulences and the thrill of your life :joy: !

I tried a lot of different things now. The in game render scale is 60; OpenXR Deverloper Tool is 65 (I can’t go any lower otherwise Motion Reprojection has errors). Within the game settings I have decreased everything to Low; shadows off; reflections off; terrain and object detail to 75. And only when I do all that at least it’s not a slide show however it’s so blurry it’s not even funny. Hurts my eyes and everything looks terrible.

Have you looked to this:
My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)