1440/120hz Xbox series X

I tried running MSFS at 1440p/120hz with vrr. Couple of things I noticed.

  1. The screen got quite a bit darker. I find with my new 4K TV the game got too bright, no matter what I did. So much so I thought it was my TV and had it exchanged, no dif. I loved that it made it look darker and richer. However…
  2. Although the game became very, very smooth, the screen flashes constantly. the hz jump around from 85hz, to 120hz, so in the end, I had to revert back to 4K/60hz to get the screen to stop strobing.
    Why would the hz affect the brightness of the screen, which it clearly does?
    Do you think MSFS will address this allowing xbox users with 120hz compatible TVs to use the 1440P/120hz setting in the future?
    love to get some thought on this!

I have the Series S and recently moved it from my TV to a gaming monitor. The first monitor I purchased had the same flashing issue with VRR enabled even though it supported it. I could leave the 120 Hz refresh rate enabled at 1440p but every time I attempted VRR I got the flashing.

I purchased a different monitor and set it up for 1440p/120/VRR and have had no issues at all. The VRR does help smooth things out like rapid view panning. So, I returned the first monitor as it didn’t appear to handle VRR properly.

There may be additional settings on your TV to get it to support VRR without the flashing. Unless you’re getting too many stutters without VRR then you could probably leave it at 120Hz refresh.

it is very helpful if you let us know what model TV/monitor you are using,

every different model has its own characteristics - which will determine the best settings for Xbox…

There’s also a fairly extensive TV setup in the main xbox menu, which can also test and confirm resolution and hz settings are viable, and help with setting up the TV to display HDR correctly.

Its a TCL 6 series R635 75". 1440p/120/vrr compatible. No 4K/120hz. Outside the flickering the screen has a much less washed out brightness with 1440p/120/vrr that I find this TV tends to have. I’ve tried several (3) of the same TV model and they are all the same, so I know there is no issue with the TV, and reviews for gaming on this TV are all extremely good.

For sure! I’ve played with all of them, and continue to try different configs

Thanks! Still trying different settings to see what works. FYI I don’t get flickering running other games (Call of duty warzone) at 1440p/120hz vrr.

with MFS you should be able to tune your TV to 4K/60Hz/VRR,

you do not NEED 120Hz for MFS…

thats how I usually have it set. I tried 1440/120 and found the colors and brightness to be more inline to what I like.

the Samsung QN90A 50” does 4K/HDR/120Hz/VRR really well, with Xbox Series X, fyi…