150kt winds at KCDW

MSFS found a new and ingeneous way to try to kill me today. After a good VFR from Cape Cod, coming towards the approach to Essex County I checked ATIS and noticed it was giving me ‘114@150’. Bug, I thought, but yes, once I dropped below about 900AGL I was suddenly in a jetsteam and quickly found my TBM930 flying backwards!


So, it turns out that I believe @N6722C discovered that ATIS is reporting the wind in ft/sec, but, that’s still 88 knots, so, yeah, that’s pretty high winds, you were landing in a Stage 2 I think hurricane? :wink:

After 2 attempts - the second using the RNAV 10 as far as I could go, I gave up and diverted to Teterboro!

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Yes, just a small crosswind. But that’s at 29,000 feet - just the sort of place you would expect to find the jetstream!

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Saw something similar at TNCM months back, except the wind was hundreds of knots. It was brief, so I assume another hiccup with the weather generator. By the time I had landed, and by landed I mean slew mode by that point, at Grand Case it had gone back to normal.

Yes, it was a very local effect. I’m not sure how the SIM builds aerodrome weather in relation to wider area weather, but it was clearly linked to the ATIS data, although in what way wasn’t clear (erroneous translation of fpm windspeeds from real world ATIS into SIM knots windspeeds?)

In future if the ATIS give me some crazy number I’ll go elsewhere.

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