15th Nov 2020 - 19:30 (UTC+0) Nepal - Everest - Lukla - 208 B Grand Caravan

15th Nov 2020 - 19:30 (UTC+0) Nepal - Everest - Lukla - 208 B Grand Caravan
This is a special route doing a tour of Mount Everest and the surrounding areas, ending with a landing at Lukla

World Tour Part 19 - Kathmandu (Nepal) -> Lukla (Nepal)
Server Stuff:
Comms: Flight 05 - Subject to change look for ‘FootanMouth’ (https://discord.com/invite/msfs)
Server: West Europe
Settings: All Players, Live Traffic, Live Weather (GameTime 07:30 UTC)
Airports: VNKT, VNLT, VNLK (Please use the flight plan, its a complex route) WT-19.PLN (12.2 KB)
Aircraft: Textron Aviation Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan
Duration: 3:30
Purpose: Flying around the world in light aircraft, exploring the Himalayas.
Group: All welcome, be sensible I enjoy flying not being silly in F16s
Not doing real ATC or worrying about how people decide to land, please let people be heard when they are giving directions or asking for help.

Pictures from previous flight:

Any updated com link? :slight_smile:

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Getting ready now.

Not seeing any comms yet. Anyone else have comms?

That was a really nice flight… Too bad about all the cursing little kiddies… Thank goodness for the mute function in Discord. Thanks for putting that together!

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Can somebody please tell me how I missed the chat? I am joined to the discord but i couldn’t find any chats for the event.

It was in an audio channel

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Ok thanks. Better luck next time I suppose. I am still very new to discord. Excellent time today even if I could not chat. Thanks for putting it on!!

no problem, feel free to message me directly on discord if you need a little help to get audio working

Thanks for organizing, here’s a video I made of all the landing fun at Lukla. :smile:



I had a problem too last week with the MSFS-Discord. I would suggest to install the app and not use the browser-version. If you click on the discord-link you get an invite, but cannot see anything unless you accept the terms of the MSFS-Discord somewhere in the lobby. I don’t know if it was a message, but there was something like “Welcome… please read and accept” - after that I could see the channels and join the chat.

Thank you so much. That is exactly what was going on. Good to go now for the next one. Thanks again!! And happy flying.

Who is Speedbird 20?


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I have been using discord on my phone while flying. Saving every scrap of ghz for frame rate.

I may add a second monitor at some point then I can have a discord channel viewable without covering something on my main screen I view for flying.

me =) i go by speedbird 20

I was looking at the photos and saw the ATC calls. It would be nice if we could communicate in game by tuning a comms channel.

When flying in the groups there is so much chatter I just sit back and fly along. I used to fly a WWII Flight sim and could dogfight while texting on an open channel to my opponent (if I knew who he was). All needed controls set on the flight stick and was mostly at full throttle so my left hand was free to chat away :grin:

Comms is pretty good these days even with 30-40 people.
Just requires some respect, since we’ve disabled voice activation its been much much better