16:9 4K vs. 21:9 1440 ultrawide monitor

I need to decide which of these to go with. My PC will have the RTX2080ti card with an i7 10800K processor and 32GB of RAM, so it should handle 4K, but wondering if the sim will look better with the ultrawide at 1440 K and more screen real estate. Thanks.

I have an ultra wide, and it suffers from FPS issues more than a 2k monitor for sure. Ive got a 2080 super and the best I can get is 50… 35-40 is typical

personally, i’d go for the 1440p ultrawide. you should have plenty of resolution for streaming media (most youtube, and other streaming services only offer 1080p,) and flight simulator looks great at any resolution!

4k is difficult for all computers to push on msfs, and the larger size of the ultrawide will offer more immersiveness :slight_smile:

3440*1440 is a slightly lower resolution than 4k, I would reccomend that instead. You will probably get lower pixel density but the image won’t be terribly pixellated.

Look for G-SYNC support as well, it has potential to work magic for games running at low framerate like this.

if i go today i would take 3090 rtx/3840x1600 (21:9) if you sure about 2080ti 3440x1440

g-sync pro, as g-sync as free sync don’t work with 40hz/fps some of them don’t work with lower than 48hz/fps

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Im running a Dell 34 21:9 at 3440*1440 on Ultra and getting between 30-40 fps in flight (regional areas, not big cities, haven’t tried that yet). Core i7 10700, 32 GB, 1TB NVMe, evga RTX 2070 Super

I’m curious of your results if you go to big cities with your config! :wink::wink: I have pretty much the same as you and I want to buy the same screen as you already have.

I did some view test to fps tests if you still interested?
16:9 vs 21:9 vs 32:9 for views just to show extra view you get from cockpit to make it easier for people to see the difference
all was set at max settings, render 100 and LOD both at 200

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21:9 is one of the best upgrades I’ve made for this sim. I was on 4k and will never go back to 16:9.If VR was not an option Ultrawide is the next best thing with trackir.

Yes I would never go back to 16:9, seems just to thin

Does anyone have any advice on running a non-super RTX 2070 at 3440 x 1440? It handles my 2560 x 1440 fine, so just wondering…

I did a res test the other day, res doesn’t effect this game too much as its far to cpu limited, the different in 2560x1440 and 3440x1440 is not much, so if your runs well at 2560x1440 you wont notice much of a fps drop, if any, but you will get a better res, see my pic above of the views with each res from 16:9 to 32:9
the only time if will effect your game is if its already struggling on 2560x1440.

As it happens I’m replacing a monitor with bad pixels, and I’ll be switching from a 16:9 24" 3840x2160 panel to a 21:9 34" 3440x1440 panel that I’m dedicating to gaming usage.

I expect this to give me similar performance at 100% scaling as I got at 80% scaling on 4K (roughly 5 megapixels worth of image to render). I don’t expect it to look particularly more detailed but it may appear slightly sharper by being at native resolution for the somewhat lower pixel density – and more importantly the wider aspect ratio means I won’t always be scrolling to see the panel/knob that’s just off screen. :wink:

That depends on the GPU.10fps drop for me from 2560x1440 to 3440x1440 but I am running a 2060super not really a 1440p card.