172 G1000 and popout manager question

I am building a dash panel for a friend of mine. It needs to be somewhat compact. The plan is to use a 7" screen for the G1000 display. But I need it to be able to swap back and forth from the PFD and the MFD. I tried using the MFD and pressing the button at the bottom of the audio panel. It changed the display in-game but not in the pop-out on the separate monitor. Is there a way to do what I want?

This will be hard to pull off with just one screen unless the Aircraft itself supports popping out the instruments differently than what is native to FS 2020. In X-Plane for example, you can assign keys/button presses to the G1000 popouts, so given that, you can press a key to pop-out the MFD. And as you pointed out the instruments can behave differently when integrated or popped out. Maybe re-consider your setup?

In the default Cessna 172 G1000, I popped out the MFD to a second screen. When I press the red button at the bottom of the audio panel, the main screen MFD switches to the PFD view, yet the popped out screen does not. I’ve tried it with both the in-game screen pop-out and pop-out manager.
My solution was to find a single screen that can display both the PFD and MFD at the same time in the 7" format, with the audio panel between them. Took some searching but I found this. Amazon.com: VSDISPLAY 14.5 Inch Touch Monitor for HYTY Y70 Computer Case 2560x720 IPS Stretched Bar LCD for DIY PC Case AIDA64 GPU CPU Data Monitoring Secondary Display : Industrial & Scientific
It’s more expensive but fits the parameters I’ve set. Mostly done with the design and will be printing, CNCing, and lasering it out probably next weekend.

Excellent! I had done a video about the multiple types of LCDs that can make your flight simming experience better: https://youtu.be/DFQ10sJp5os

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