2 Community folders

Last night I installed an update for my F-35 using the Simmarket app which says it automatically places the zip file into my community folder.
I removed the folder that was already there and put in a back up folder but the new one did not appear in my community folder, after while I was curious to see if it had installed it in the wrong folder.
My sim was originally installed on my C drive but I reinstalled it on another drive which has more space. I checked my C drive and sure enough discovered there is a community folder there and that is where the F-35 had installed itself, there were 2 other folders from some other program which I installed which is supposed to add more realistic AI aircraft but it did not seem to work, now I have put them in my proper community folder so I may have some joy with that now, (have not tried it out yet) the community folder in my c drive had the world old in the file path, in fact there are several folders whioch seem to be assciated with the community folder, like popup market community, community panel components etc, these ones don’t have old in the path but they all have Microsoft flight simulator which.
Is there a way I can prevent this from happening so any other installs will go to the correct community folder. I thought about deleting them but not sure if it is safe to do so.

Where exactly?

Launch msfs.
Go to options > general options > developers - turn on developer mode - apply and save.
Click Tools > virtual file system > packages folders



Click “open official folder”
Take a screenshot and paste into topic.

Click “open community folder”
Take a screenshot and paste into topic.

Click devmode > exit dev mode.

do as TenPen suggests, it sounds like the Simmarket app recorded the original Community Folder location but does not recheck after initial install - so these aftermarket apps are using the old location no longer in use

i would not delete the old original location but you should be able to safely move any content from there to w/e the game shows is the Correct Community Folder Location via the instruction TenPen gives you
only 1 Community folder is active (the one the game opens from dev mode) but the game may use the other for updates