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I recently moved my Steam MS2020 to a new disk. I then got a new computer and installed that disk into my config. When I ran MS2020 it did a full download. Now I have 2 copies of the official folder. One is on my c drive under my MS2020 folder (steam/steamapps/common/Microsoft Flight Simulator). The other one is under appdata/roaming/Microsoft Flight Simulator. I have confirmed that my real Community folder is in the is in the appdata folder. My issue is that I tried to get rid of one of them by cutting and pasting them to a different disk. I tried this for both locations. However, MS2020 does not run if I move either one of them. Is there a way to solve this without uninstalling and reinstalling the the whole sim?

Noone has any ideas?

It’s impossible for me to guess without really seeing exactly what you’re seeing. However, one time when I did a sim update (I believe it was Sim Update 4), I accidentally told MSFS to install on my C:\ drive (previously I have MSFS on E:\ drive). Long story short, it downloaded the entire game, again.

I just went directly to my C: drive, deleted it & and the community folder. I then relaunched MSFS, and it asked to update to SU4 again and I made sure the installer was pointing to my E:\ drive directory, then it updated just fine.

This may not be your same issue – worst case, if it doesn’t work or you can’t get it to work when you delete one of your “copies” of MSFS, you may just have to uninstall and start over again.

OR have you tried repairing? Click on Flight Simulator under Windows Start button and then go to App Settings and Repair (literally just guessing, no idea if this will fix anything, but can’t hurt)

In your “AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator” folder, there’s a file called Usercfg.opt. You can open and edit that in Notepad. The very last line of that file is the location that both your Community and Official folders are located. In my case, it’s this: InstalledPackagesPath “F:\Games\MSFS”

You can move your content to wherever you wish to place it, as long as you move both the Official and Community. You just need to have to update the path in that file before firing up the sim.

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thanks for the feedback. I’ll try the Usercfg.opt edit.

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