2 people same cockpit, same computer Air Link Oculous 2?

Can you have 2 people with Oculous 2 connected to same computer through Air Link flying in the same cockpit?

Zero chance

They’d be x2 sets of rendering PC couldn’t handle it

Only way is x2 PC each running separately , then they’d have to be an option to allow passengers / Co pilot


It would be slick if there was a way a second machine (connected via LAN or internet) with VR capabilities could “see what you see,” as it were. Two (or more) networked sims with two (or more) people sharing the same airplane, but each in their own seat.

That means you could take a friend “flying with you” no matter where they lived as long as there was a decent connection. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking this could create a virtual skydiving business. Any investors? :wink:

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There is a third party tool called Your Controls, which is compatible with MSFS and can be used to fly both in the same plane. I expect it will work in VR as well.

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[quote=“Yornav7868, post:4, topic:412084”]
Your Controls
[/quote] you would need second computer with second instance of MFS2020 running correct?

Yes, both users need their own PC. Also I don’t think it would even be possible to have a single PC being able to render for 2 headsets simultaneously, as it already struggles to deliver decent fps for one headset.

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