2 questions "Performance Headroom" and 45FPS forced in Tray tool

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could anyone explain this to me ?

what exactly is performance headroom ? i mean , i can imagine what it means but what should it say? with my settings it is always below zero, its around -100 in fact. But everything runs smoothly nonetheless. should one aim for a numer above 0 ?

what does 30 or 45 Frames “forced” mean ? does it mean, that it will display 45 fps even though the Graphics-Card cant produce them by adding “double” frames? or does it mean, that only 45 fps will be shown even if the card produces lets say 50 ?

I hope you understand what i mean…



Headroom is just a way of judging your PCs performance with the current game. So anything above 0% headroom means you are running the game at native framerate, a negative value means your PC is dropping frames and at a certain point ASW will take over and smooth out the dropped frames by halving the native framerate and interpolating its own frames in between the missing frames.

Force 45 fps means that the game will be locked at 45 fps. Your headset, in this case, will be set to 90Hz. Because the game is rendering at half the headset refresh rate, the missing frames will be created by an algorithm based on the previous frames. Headset will display 90 frames per second, but half of those will be generated using this process… this causes artifacts and distortion in some situations. Force 30 is the same idea, but game will render 1/3 of the frames and rest will be calculated in the same way.

It runs smooth because what you actually seeing is 90hz and the algorithm does a pretty good job using velocity vectors to interpolate pixels and guess what the missing frame looks like. Prefect for slow moving games, light flight sims.

Headroom between 0 and -100 it means you are able to run at half refresh rate. I find that if you keep it around -80, the experience will be fine.

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Thanks for your explanation!

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