20:00z weather advancement bug - FIXED

Hi all,

Sadly although the latest patch mentioned it was meant to help users suffering from the issue where the weather model that was loaded in would load in weather too far in advance for the next day, this has not been fixed and is still an issue as before.

What still seems to be happening is around the time frame of 19:00z-21:00z (the exact time it happens varies) it is loaded in the weather model for the next day, which still means there’s a whole chunk of time of around 12 hours from when the new model is loaded, to whenever the model is loaded again the following morning, that is being completely missed out.

As always if you feel you’re also still experiencing this bug, then please submit a ticket to the devs here: Submit a request – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support

Maybe include your physical location of where you are in the world, as they seem to think this bug is related to time zones?

Can you clarify what you mean here? If the new weather is loading between 1900 and 2100Z for the next day, doesn’t the next day start at 0000Z which is only a few hours away?

  • Planning MAP shows predicted weather
  • Ingame weather is almost always correct ( for me )

ATC = is using wrong planning MAP weather ( sellection RNW for example )

ATIS is using the correct winds


EDDV in real life right now (08 May 2021,09:50): CAVOK
according to meteoblue: CAVOK
24h prediction on meteoblue: same, radar shows a tiny patch of clouds tomorrow
48h prediction on meteoblue: Thunderstorms possible

weather in sim: apocalyptic thunderstorms with torrential rain, very strong winds and a few meters of visibility :frowning:

Connection to the server seems ok. This is so strange, just yesterday live weather seemed to work fine.

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I confirm that the in-game weather now seems to be ahead of the actual weather. Here’s what I see for northern Europe:


Actual Weather (- 30 min)

So it’s Zendesk again!


If the weather is loading for the next day sometime between 19Z and 21Z, does the workaround of changing the computer time to 6Z and loading the sim fix the problem or do we now have an unfixable issue since the last sim update?

Hello all,

eeeeeeh what can I say now, I did test flight to LDZA from LZIB this morning (09:00 loc Slovakia) and weather was correct +/- what I saw in sim. Now I see broken clouds on Zagreb, also METAR report this. Where can be problem, I will do next tests of course. What I can say also, really I don’t look to World map weather forecast, I 'm looking everytime inside cockpit.

Hey, yeah the next day does start from 0000z however it seems to load on the weather model which would start from around 0900z the next day. Which means the period of weather from when it loads in the model around 2100z to 0900z the next day is getting completely missed out.

Yeah, that would explain the lack of radiation fog since it forms during the night when the radiative cooling is the most pronounced. Great observation.

An example of the bug still present:

Around 22:00z yesterday this is the in-game map

And this is the current satellite:

As you can see the bug still present, it loaded in the model that was about 12 hours too far in advance, meaning the weather period from around 21:00z yesterday to around 12:00z today was totally missed out.

Here is what the weather should have been loaded in, you can see the large area of weather over the UK hadn’t fully hit yet:


Here’s what the Vandenberg AFB looks like right now. THIS is what I wanted to see in central Europe during fall and winter when radiation fogs are quite common. If the model is really blank during the period of 21Z to around 09Z, then fogs in central Europe will be nonexistent, since the local time here in Czechia is UTC+2, so a blank state from 23:00 to 11:00 local, exactly the period where thick fogs form.
I remember several days in winter when there was a thick freezing fog with RVRs around 175 meters and the sky in sim was squeaky clean. So now it seems I know why.

KVBG 081228Z AUTO 12003KT 1SM R30/P6000FT BR VV001 06/06 A2994 RMK AO2 SLP142

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Yep that seems to be exactly why, because that time period when fog and the low level cloud is prevalent is getting completely missed out my the game.

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It also explains why many people were telling me I’m wrong when I said I haven’t encountered a full blown fog with low visibility yet.
Because I fly in Europe only. Quite sad really, I hope this gets on the developers’ radar.


Yeah I only mainly fly in Europe and have never experienced it either. The times when I have flown in the US I have experienced it, but that’s because the time difference coincides with the period when the fog would be present.

I hope they address it too, I’m almost done with the game to be honest and will likely just bin it off and return in six months time. On the limited time I have where I want to use it now, it’s just buggy and I spend my time trying to work around things than actually just flying.


@ utd4life12

aaaaah understand you,

but Community need you as one very important investigator :slight_smile: I’m little bit lazy to say that I also leave Community for half year but in my opinion, that times was very strange about existing people here and many haters and not predictible people. I feel this time quite fine…

Yeah if I leave for a while it won’t be from laziness but just from sheer frustration, we didn’t buy into a beta.

I’ve been passionate about flight sims for a long time and I do believe MSFS has a very exciting future, I just wish some of the core elements such as weather would work as advertised.


Oh, so I’m not going crazy after all! The weather I experience in game almost never matches up with the real weather, the winds are often from completely opposite direction than IRL. I have around 1000 hours in the flightsim since the release and I have yet to experience fog or reduced visibility. So it’s all because I’m flying in Europe? Do I have to start flying in other continents in order to have a good time and be able to plan my flights according to weather? What’s even the point of all the world updates if you can’t actually enjoy flying outside of US? This is so upsetting.

As a general rule at the minute it seems flying between 09:00z to around 19:00z will give the most accurate weather.

It’s weird, because they added ability to turn on wind display on the planner page and it’s not even consistent with itself. The wind overlay is roughly correct, from south, but the little departure indicator shows a perpendicular direction and almost twice the speed. What is that about?

EDIT: the ingame ATIS is trying to split the difference with 222 @ 9 km/h… god this game!

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The departure indicator is showing wind in km, the map is in knots.