+20 knots above the permitted runway speed


I got this message allways when landing somewhere outside the flight school. I try allways to land as slow and smooth as possible but no success.

How to land correctly to avoid this?

Thank you!

Depends on the aircraft and weather conditions. But to generalise; always land against the wind, and be sure to extend your flaps gradually as you get closer to the runway. That’ll create drag and help you fly slower.

In der realen fliegerei , hab ein ul in edvk stehen, werde ich vom Turm oftmals aufgefordert beschleunigt abzurollen, das sind 50 bis 60 km. Die Anweisung vom fs2020 ist quatsch

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SchereKubuse99 said: In the real flying, I have a ul in edvk airport, I am often asked by the tower to roll off accelerated, that is 50 to 60 km.The instruction from fs2020 is rubbish

Ok, thanks for the Info. I have to practice a lot, the touchdown comes still somewhat unexpectet :wink: Rudder movement is another thing, to brake without steering isnt as easy as I thought. There is a lot to do on landing.

Thanks WzdOz. I will note that!