200 go?

Hi ! I was wondering if 200go are enough for the game cause my ssd is only 250go Thank you!!

i’m going to assume you mean 250gb as the size of your current hard drive. My MSFS folder is now at 352gb and I run very few extas with my system. I think you’ll find 250gb is too small. I’d recommend 1tb ssd as a minimum to give you some head room for add on aircraft and scenery.


I am definitely not trying to spend your money for you, but SSD prices are actually quite reasonable these days. You might consider adding another, larger SSD to your system to accommodate MSFS. If you check around, you can find prices around $50 for a 1TB SSD. Just a thought.

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The core download is a little over 2GB. The initial install of mandatory content requires around 160 GB for the standard anniversary edition. This does not include any world updates:

The 15 World updates will add ~145 GB, the City updates ~9 GB, and other free updates (aircraft, SDK, etc.) ~20 GB, for a grand total of ~336 GB. WU16 (Caribbean) is due to be released next week, which will need additional space.

A 250 GB SSD will not be enough. IMO, a 500 GB SSD is the absolute minimum, Like NonstopOyster0, I’d reccommend 1 TB.