☀ 2021 MSFS **SDK Change Logs** - Part 2 (unofficial)

This is my Personal Understanding of recent Updates & Change Logs

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:sunny: 07/08/2021 SDK Update) Jun-Dec


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:star: 07/15/2021 SDK Update)
:star: 07/22/2021 SDK Update)
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07/01/2021 SDK Update


  • We have reached 300 users on https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com . This is awesome! Thank you for posting content, articles, and ideas. We read them all, even if it can take a few days to answer in some cases. And, if you feel like you’ve mastered a subject, feel free to answer questions asked from other members!


  • We added samples to the Xbox page.
  • We added detailed documentation about the new nodes in the Visual Effects Editor, which will be released in an upcoming update.

Dev Mode

  • General
    • We fixed a crash that could happen when reloading assets.
  • In the Project Editor:
    • We fixed crashes when creating/renaming packages with long company-package names.
    • We fixed a bug that prevented new projects from appearing in the Recent projects list.
    • We fixed several issues in the Wizards.
  • In the Scenery Editor:
    • We fixed a bug that made items float after teleporting.
    • We improved the Scenery Editor stability.
  • In the FX Editor:
    • We added a new Split node.
    • We fixed stability issues.

======== End of 07/01/2021 SDK Update ========

07/08/2021 SDK Update


  • We are currently investigating the last issues for the upcoming update.

Dev Mode

In the Project Editor:

  • We fixed a crash when cleaning current flying aircraft’s package.

In the Visual Effects Editor:

  • We continue to fix bugs and adding features such as a color converter, from HSV to RGB.

======== End of 07/08/2021 SDK Update ========


07/15/2021 SDK Update


  • We are currently investigating the last remaining issues for the upcoming update.

Dev Mode:


  • Console icons are now properly reloaded after the icons package has been mounted.
  • Tools are now properly shut upon closing the sim.
  • We now support ILS reference for runways.

Project Editor

  • We fixed the disabled “next” button in the asset selection wizard when creating a new asset group.

Visual Effects Editor

  • We added a ColorSpaceConversion node to allow you to work either with RGB or HSV.

======== End of 07/15/2021 SDK Update ========



07/22/2021 SDK Update

Dev Mode

Visual Effects Editor

  • We added a ColorSpaceConversion node to allow you to work either with RGB or HSV.


  • We made the MSFS Platform Toolset compatible with Visual Studio 2019 16.10.x.
  • We updated the toolchain used to compile modules with LLVM 12.

======== End of 07/22/2021 SDK Update ========

07/29/2021 SDK Update


  • We changed the way LODs behave to get massive performance improvements. Now, on Xbox, this is how LODs work:
  • Objects with one single LOD disappear if their screen size is lower than 5%. MAJOR CHANGE as it used to be 0.5% in previous versions
  • Objects with two LODs disappear if their screen size is lower than 2%.
  • Objects with three or more LODs disappear if their screen size is lower than 0.5%.
  1. We strongly advise people to create 4 different LODs for their models, as it is stated in our Xbox guidelines here 13.

  2. We have temporarily reverted the LOD selection mechanism to its previous state on PC. However, because it is important that you can check the state of your add-ons with the Xbox LOD selection mechanism, we have added an “Xbox LOD Selection Mode” option in the DevMode.


With the SDK update, there are also significant improvements to the documentation. Here’s what we have prepared for you:

  • Material Editor documentation
  • Element (previously ) documentation
  • More documentation for our SDK samples
  • Living Things SimObject documentation
  • Boat SimObject documentation
  • Content Configuration section for Textures
  • Models content configuration section
  • New nodes in the Visual Effects Editor section
  • Statistic Profiler documentation
  • Coherent GT Debugger documentation
  • New Xbox Samples
  • Additional information for the 3DS Max Plugin
  • Additional documentation to the Scenery Editor & the Project Editor
  • Updated information for the Aircraft Electrics Systems
  • Changes and additions to the Flight Model Config Definition page
  • New sections to the Flight Model Physics page
  • Additional documentation on the Reverse Polish Notation page

Dev Mode


  • We renamed “Model behavior” labels to “Behaviors”.

Project Editor:

  • We fixed the “Add asset group” command that would not revert asset groups.

Visual Effects Editor:

  • We added a Simple FX sample to the SDK.
  • We’ve made big progress in terms of stability.
  • We’re currently adding keyboard shortcuts, which will allow you to copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) one or several nodes inside an effect, and even from one effect to the other!

======== End of 07/29/2021 SDK Update ========

08/5/2021 SDK Update



  • We are actively monitoring your feedback regarding issues that appeared in the DevMode following the release of SU 5. Once reproduced, these issues are prioritized and assigned to a member of the SDK team.

Dev Mode

  • Pop-up windows now appear even if their associated tool is hidden.

Scenery Editor

  • We fixed the group rendering bug.
  • We are investigating various issues related to Projected Meshes.

Aircraft Editor

  • We fixed the corruption that could occur within CFG files when saving your project.


  • We disabled some optimizations (no-signed-zeros, no-honor-infinities, no-honor-nans) initially activated in SU 5 as part of the fast-math option.
  • We worked on a modified wasi-libc to mitigate the issues introduced by the three optimizations listed above.

======== End of 08/05/2021 SDK Update ========


08/12/2021 SDK Update


  • The team is on vacation this week.

======== End of 08/12/2021 SDK Update ========


08/19/2021 SDK Update

In order to ensure that World Update 6 reaches a very high level of quality, we have decided to move back the release date to September 7th. We are very excited about this update as it features many enhancements to the region, including new aerials and elevation maps, new photogrammetry cities, 4 hand-crafted airports , nearly 100 POIs and new discovery flights, landing challenges, and bush trips. It’s a ton of content and we want to make sure that it will be great. In the meantime, here are some highlights from the World Update 6 release notes:


  • Several crashes have been fixed across the title


  • Fixed ATC radar altitude so the ATC no longer asks you to change your altitude when it is not applicable
  • The VFR Map now displays information for latitudes beyond 75 degrees
  • New AIRAC cycle 2108 is now available


  • Fixed crash in autosave in bushtrip missions when the user has a non-ASCII name.


  • SR22 performance and fuel consumption has been modified to better match POH
  • Gyro Drift is now correctly set when Aircraft Systems assistance preset is set to Easy / Medium / Hard.


  • “Offscreen terrain pre caching” graphics settings has been added (Low, Medium, High and Ultra). If set to Ultra, all the offscreen terrain will be cached at full quality which will reduce FPS drops and LOD popping when panning the camera but may impact overall performance-Maximum photogrammetry draw distance has been further increased. As a result, photogrammetry of downtown building areas will be visible from farther away
  • Cities at night are now more visible on the World map.


  • The title no longer crashes when quitting the sim in VR
  • -Various tutorial fixes: briefs and debriefs are properly displayed, players can complete all the objectives in VR now.


  • Fixed group displaying issue in the scenery editor
  • Projected Mesh not rendered when moving camera or adding new one in the Scenery editor (we force the loading of LOD 0)
  • Improved some text rendering for XML gauges
  • Plane debug screens now correctly calculate and display GPH/gallon per hour fuel consumptions (DebugAircraftEngines & DebugAircraftTracking)

Full release notes will be released with the update on September 7th.

======== End of 08/19/2021 SDK Update ========

08/26/2021 SDK Update


  • Three months after the launch of the DevSupport platform, we would like to thank you for all your posts (already 400 of them!). We are doing our best to provide answers to each topic, even though some of the topics require a lot of time to investigate, discuss, etc. But this platform is also meant for you as a community so please feel free to provide your own answers and solutions if you encounter something you can provide insight into!

Dev Mode

  • We’re preparing a new pop-up to display important information when you launch the game with the DevMode enabled. This will allow us to communicate more efficiency when a major change is coming.

  • We also fixed the missing content info thumbnail on our simple aircraft sample.

Aircraft Editor

  • We fixed the corruption that could occur within CFG files when saving your project.

  • We are also working on a refactoring of the CFG file parsing, since the way the editor currently works, it removes all comments and adds spaces, additional zeros, etc.

  • We fixed a crash that could occur when reloading the current aircraft after changing its contact points.

======== End of 08/26/2021 SDK Update ========

08/26/2021 SDK Update


  • We made some optimisations on hardware setup, so if you own a home cockpit, the sim may take a shorter time to launch.


  • We added a new option in the DevMode’s menu to display the collisions draw debug.
  • We made the Scenery Editor & the Material Editor-windows opaque.
  • We fixed the VFX template.

Scenery Editor:

  • We improved the existing hide/lock feature which allows you to hide and/or lock an object, a group of objects, or an entire type of objects.
  • You can also filter the objects treeview to display only the object types you want to work on (ie. taxiways, aprons…)

======== End of 09/02/2021 SDK Update ========

09/09/2021 SDK Update


  • We are preparing the next live SDK Q&A session and will be happy to share the theme for this one soon, so stay tuned !
  • You discovered the Safe Boot mode on the last version. We made a little change to prevent it from being enabled if a crash happens when you close the game.


  • We updated and fixed the windsocks sample provided with the SDK.
  • In our Wizards, we fixed the custom asset group template instantiation path.
  • We fixed the VFX template.

In the Scenery Editor:

  • We continue to investigate the disappearing jetway issue, as well as the pink aprons that may occur on some airports.
  • We are testing a new version with opaque windows for the Scenery & Material editors.

======== End of 09/09/2021 SDK Update ========

09/16/2021 SDK Update


Click here to see our Known Issues list. This section details any updates we are able to share on popular issues that have been discovered by the community and either logged for a future fix or found to have a workaround until fixed. Note that “target release” is the intended goal to have the item solved. This is not an exhaustive list; just items we would like to share today:

  • Xbox App:
    • We have seen many questions regarding the Xbox App and why it helped many users trigger an update to the sim in the Windows Store. We found that if the title is on Xbox Game Pass, it requires the Xbox App and Win10 in order to play PC games as it uses Xbox Live. If an update to the sim does not trigger for you automatically, try to log into the Xbox App first, then go to the store and check for updates. Some users may have purchased the Disc version which should allow them to get the update without signing into Xbox Live.
  • Wind Gusts
    • Wind gusts have been reactivated but some additional UI work is still needed. No further updates on timing.
  • White dot for PC users:
    • Design is investigating with a current target release of SU6.
  • Top Menu Arrow Graphic always displayed:
    • Resolved for target release of SU6.
  • Screens go black during long flights:
    • This is still under investigation.

Our community team has also started collecting and re-evaluating some legacy bugs (i.e. bugs that have been there since PC launch). We will give updates on those where we can.

  • SR22 nose-wheel animation:
    • This has been fixed with a target release of SU6.


  • General
    • We are so happy to see the visual effects you started creating using the Beta version of the Visual Effects Editor! We will soon close the Beta and the tool will be made available with a whole batch of fixes and new features. Considering the latest changes we made, you may have to edit your previously created effects. We will share all the details and instructions in the coming weeks.
  • Dev Mode
    • We fixed the SimObject template.
    • Debug model LOD is now available on the main menu.
    • Scenery Editor
      • We fixed the issue with jetways not spawning.
      • We made some improvements to the upcoming Hide/Lock system.
      • We fixed a crash that could happen when trying to move a group that contains towers without a child.
      • We fixed a crash that could happen when trying to create a hierarchy by type.
      • We fixed the rectangular aprons rotation.
    • Visual Effects Editor
      • We added the Age attribute for the GetInstanceAttribute node.
      • We fixed the offset display in the Visual Effects spawner tab.
      • We fixed the coordinate spaces management, which will oblige you to make some changes to your existing effects (more details coming soon).
      • We are testing a new version with opaque windows for the Scenery & Material editors.

======== End of 09/16/2021 SDK Update ========

09/23/2021 SDK Update


  • As we announced last week, we’ve prepared a list of things you’ll need to check before Sim Update VI if you’ve been creating visual effects with the Visual Effects Editor Beta. They are all listed in a sticky article on top of your DevSupport platform: https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com 18.

Dev Mode

  • We added a new feature to the Statistic Profiler, to add new LOD limits related statistics. In a few months, we will communicate the change of behavior related to LODs.

  • We changed the behavior of the DevMode windows. By default, they are transparent when floating and opaque when docked on the sides of the screen. And you can decide via an option in the DevMode menu to have them “Always opaque”, “Always transparent”, or “By default” as described previously described.

Project Editor

  • We fixed a crash that could happen when cleaning an already clean package.
  • We added a “Save as” action.
  • We added an auto-save function on project/package/asset group creation.

Scenery Editor

  • We added tiling, rotation, coloration, falloff and opacity for materials applied to polygons.
  • We added flipUV and offsetUV for aprons.
  • We fixed a bug on projected meshes. They can now be selected by clicking on them in the viewport.
  • We fixed the culling of polygons.
  • We fixed a bug which made some items of an airport look pink when far away.
  • We fixed the SimObject bounding box (not 100% perfect yet but better).
  • We fixed the ground merging parameters when the airport is between two tiles.
  • We fixed the runway that didn’t exclude the buildings.
  • We removed the Color Extractor as it didn’t work and we don’t currently have plans to improve it.

Script Editor

  • We fixed the SimObject window.
  • We fixed the fact that the editor wouldn’t close when a modification hadn’t been saved.

Visual Effects Editor

  • We removed “Data” and “Edition” tabs in the node graph inspector. Instead, we now always display regular data as edition data does not contain anything worth displaying after unused Enabled and Visible options have been removed.
  • We removed “Add…” drag and drop button to create new ObjectReferences in node graphs.
  • We now prevent the creation of links in the node graph from the output of a node to the input of an upstream node.

======== End of 09/23/2021 SDK Update ========

09/30/2021 SDK Update


  • You may recall it from our last SDK live Q&A, we promised a new feature to exclude more items with the Exclusion Polygons. It’s ready now! You will soon be able to exclude roads, power poles, and street lights using polygons.

Dev Mode

  • We added a new set of options to display the DevMode windows. You can now select “Default” (all windows are opaque when docked and transparent when floating), “Always opaque” or “Always transparent”.
  • We added a new DevMode option to switch the XML gauge rendering mode between GDI and NanoVG at runtime. As a reminder, right now the PC version of MSFS uses GDI but the Xbox version uses NanoVG - both will use the latter in the future.
  • We created a new SoundAircraft sample to demonstrate how sounds can be triggered in WASM through the Panels API using L-Vars.

Package Editor

  • We fixed the dev mode icons usage in Package Editor.

Project Editor

  • We improved the export window interface.
  • We improved the package validation results window’s sizing.
  • We added a constraint on name when creating or renaming a visual effect.

Scenery Editor

  • We added road, street light and power lines exclusions to polygons.
  • We improved the interface of the Objects list windows. It now has two columns: one for package and one for objects, with separate filters.
  • We fixed the gltf reloading with multiple LODs.
  • We fixed an issue on polygons with material loading.
  • We fixed the copy/paste apron UV offset.
  • Gizmo window can’t be edited anymore if no object is selected OR all selected objects are locked.
  • We added a New “has 3D object” checkbox in FUEL TaxiwayParking properties to allow the removal of any 3D object attached to it.
  • Generate Taxiway Signs no longer crashes when the package is not built.

Script Editor

  • We fixed the SimObject window.
  • We fixed the fact that the editor wouldn’t close when modifications hadn’t been saved

Visual Effects Editor

  • We added a “GroundDirection” node.
  • We fixed the bounding volume calculation.
  • We fixed a crash when connecting a GraphParameter node to an empty parameter name.
  • We fixed the links creation from input to output.
  • We fixed the links and node deletion “undo”.
  • We fixed the node outputs displayed as ‘undefined’ most of the time.

======== End of 09/30/2021 SDK Update ========

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