250 mbps vs 750 mbps…?

Will I gain anything by upgrading from 250 to 750 mbps? Better graphics? Frame rates?

If I had to take a wild guess, you wouldn’t see any difference.

You may when installing or updating.

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Given that most people in the UK are aversging 35 mbps, I think you can save yourself an upgrade.
Remember you can only pull data down as fast as it’s being served out :wink:

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You might you might not, depends on how much your using when connection and running the game right now.

Here’s how to check
1 launch the game
2 Turn off all caching
3 open up windows resourse monitor behind the game
4 go back into the game and start a flight, get it set and cruising, then switch back to the win resource window and highlite the adapter your running the game on and see what your getting in bandwidth usage.

If The game is using less the even close to your 250mbps, then and upgrade to services wont help.

experince in this matter.
was having issues
determing it was isp issue
they finaly admit it
They give me more bandwidth (doubled at the same price)
still issues but I live with it
texted the magic QC guy they gave me to contact with and ■■■■■■■
next day a 120 mbps upgrade (now upto 330) still didnt make the game run faster or use more data.

i went from 50 to 300, no difference. Still lots of bandwidth too low warnings. The server side is the problem. they have too much demand for streaming.


Faster internet, has nothing to do with FPS, Graphics etc.

I went from 200MB to 1GB.

I agree with @Hester40MT. This is the only real benefit. As others have stated, no impact at all on FPS.

Bingo! That’s true.