28GB RAM Usage with 32GB RAM?!

Hey guys, I was just trying to enjoy the mountains around KLAX when my ram usage topped out at 28GB.

I don’t think this is normal at all, whats your take on that? Does anybody have a solution or
is it just MSFS in its current state?

My other specs:
9700K at 4,8ghz
32GB RAM as I said
Installed on an M.2 SSD

Thanks in advance, everyone

What do you think is abnormal about it? Are you expecting more? less?

The sim is just using resources available to it, which is a good thing, since RAM is a lot faster than your SSD or harddrive.


I think the OP was looking for a solution

Is it causing you any problems, is more the question, or are you just commenting? Doesn’t look abnormal to me but I’m no expert.

I’ve got 64Gb of RAM and very occasionally I see over 50% being used - but it is pretty well known that 32Gb is an ideal amount. Playing with the size of the page file also appears to help if memory becomes a problem.

My limitations at the moment appear to be GPU related; GTX1650 which came with the machine, often 100% so I’m seriously looking for an upgrade, but what I don’t yet know.

A solution to what though?
A program making use of available system resources (especially around an area like LAX) seems like correct (and actually beneficial) behaviour to me.


Agree with this.

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I find it amusing how the guys on the FSX forums back in the day were complaining that the sim wasn’t using enough memory. Now people are complaining that its using too much.

Im curious though. I want to understand the OPs reasoning for wanting the sim to use less ram. Is it causing problems or do you just not like the big number?

To answer the question though, the sim will generally commit anywhere between 20-30GB of memory once it has stabilized, IE flying for 1 hr+ over various terrain/cities. The devs have stated that they will be optimizing the memory footprint in an update, but I don’t think that will lower the memory usage per se, but rather allow it to run relatively well with lower memory available. RAM is a great place to cache frequently used data and I personally would want unused RAM filled with useful cached data whenever possible.

As mentioned before, high RAM usage is a good thing. This means that the sim is designed to use what you have. If you had 16GB then you’d see around 12-14GB used constantly as well, but then the sim would swap the content more often potentially causing some more stutters. There is really no reason to rush to empty the cashed RAM if there is still a lot of headroom (28 used out of 32). The more default assets are cashed (objects, buildings, textures), the smoother in theory the fps should be as there is no need to swap as much data.

It seems that because you were flying close to KLAX, the sim kept KLAX assets in RAM so in case you went back to KLAX, you would not get massive stutters loading the scenery (which happens a lot in case of large airports approaches).


With 32GB I generally see between 20 and 28GB ram used in heavy use areas. More like 12-16Gb in a Cessna at a regional airfield. Never seen it hit 32GB though.

Of course it wouldn’t use 100% of RAM because there are other stuff going on in your PC that also need memory allocations to them. As per OP’s question, this is normal, and more importantly, GOOD! You should be happy. This is what we prayed so hard for in FSX, now we’ve got it. Rejoice and be glad.

I hit 28GB, but besides FS, I have Chrome with a few tabs open, Dicord, sometimes twitch and Adobe Reader with Approach
Plates opened in it.

28GB is fine. If you look at the details tab of Task Manger, you will see who is using what amount of memory.

No idea…
I have only 12 GB, combined with an i7, 1650 Q-max and a 1 TB SSD in a Lenovo Thinkpad.
FS works pretty well for me but I avoid densed airports as much as possible.
Low and relatively slow is where my interests are…
Cap10 and Gravel cub are my main aircraft.

I think that it is totally normal for this sim to use that much RAM I also have 32 GB and when I see it hitting 23 or 24 GB I start thinking that maybe I should drop another 32 GB in it. But I have also seen DCS World reach up into the 20GB so I think clearly it is the nature of the beast. Flight Sims are some of the most demanding programs out and it is nothing to freak out over, just imagine how much harder a computer has to work if it only has 16GB. What would be a interesting experiment for you to do is lower your settings and see how that effects RAM usage. But the thing that drives me crazy is the huge amount of Standby RAM that windows 10 hangs on too instead of freeing it up after you close a program, there are programs out there that will flush the Standby RAM but I haven’t messed with anything like that yet because I’m mainly a Linux user and have only returned to windows 10 just to use this sim.

Windows doesn’t “hang onto” RAM. It marks the pages in memory as available for use. There is some cleanup Windows performs freeing program pointers, updating Registry entries, and writing out log entries.

You don’t need to “flush” the standby RAM at all. Standby RAM is effectively free RAM that hasn’t had its contents completely overwritten by another program yet, so the app can reclaim that memory if need be. Other apps are free to pull from that pool whenever they need to.

it is normal… your system needs at least 32Gig overall Memory if you play MSFS and there are lot of users which report also usage of pagefile if they own “only” 32GIG RAM.

If you own 64GIG RAM, it can looks like:

I was surprised by seeing this.

I had 32GB of memory.
When flying, I would increase the Sim Rate via a button programmed
on my T.16000 flightstick.

  • Each press would cause FS2020 to get more jumpy/jerky.
  • The 3rd press would make FS2020 very jumpy/jerky.
  • The 4th would cause the screen to go crazy and then crash.

You can’t believe how much scenery is being displayed on the screen
as FS2020 tries to keep up.

I now have 64GB of memory.
I can press the button to increase the Sim Rate many times and FS2020 stays

It is hard to explain.

I have a flight that take about 30 minutes from takeoff to landing.
After takeoff, press the increase sim button about 4 to 6 times and bang;
you are there at the destination airport and ready to land.

FS2020 can keep up with the increased rate.

It is really amazing to see.
Only thing that changed was from 32GB to 64GB.

This must be due to Ram Usage.

You can take one RAM stick out when running MSFS if this bothers you.

A solution to a non problem?

I think you answered you own thoughts. Not only is it pumping scenery but also nav data, weather, ai, real time etc…At 32 here, can’t go past 3x also. Nice to know 64 may help for above that.

This area is PG hardcore. It knocks out my system with a smile. I have to reduce T-Lod and O-Lod to 100% to make it flyable :wink: