2D Graphical Configuration

Hello everyone I have this question and I wanted to know if someone could clarify it for me. I bought MSFS 2020 to fly exclusively in VR, it came from X-Plane 11 with Quest 2 with exceptional results (almost all the settings in high) obtaining about 40 fps stable and without stuttering. Achieving these results at MSFS 2020 has become a real pipe dream. I’ve tried every possible setup and it’s impossible to fly even with a decent performance/quality balance, or sacrifice one thing or the other. I see with amazement how Adobo prioritizes the development of things that I sincerely believe are not priorities, such as new aircraft, scenarios or updates of the world, all over a simulator that what it needs most urgently are performance optimizations, and dedicate resources to these purposes. And well, after exposing my disagreement with the product, what I wanted to know is whether putting all the 2D graphic settings to a minimum, would help improve performance in VR, as I think it would free up resources.