2D instrument pop out - is available

Does everyone know you can get the insturments in a 2D pop out by RIGHT-ALT and Left Click on them? You can then drag them onto another monitor if you want. Wasn’t sure if that is widely known.


Wait… what?

Does this work with the “steam” gauges in the Cessna 152?
Can I pull the Altimeter and the Airspeed Indicator off to my second monitor?
(I’m at work right now and if this is true… I’ll be speeding home shortly)

Edit: This doesn’t work with the Cessna steam gauges… very few items can be popped out.
For example, I can pop out the Hour Meter in the Tachometer, but not the Tach gauge itself… what good is that? Ugh.


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contact support

Why do pop-out instruments tank FPS? It’s unusable.

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I didn’t notice a huge drop. My nvidia FPS counter actually showed an increase but I think it does that when I drag a panel onto another monitor as it’s showing the fps for the wrong monitor not the one MSFS is on. I will use the developer option to see if there is an impact but I didn’t feel it when I tried it. Do you get a drop when you drag the vfr map or atc onto another screen?

yep, i go from mid 40’s on ultra to sub 15 when i pop out the PFD.

I’ll try tonight and post back

OK, so here’s a couple of screenshots. Without 2D pop out

FPS 42 ish according to developer mode. nVidia overlay says 43, so pretty close

With 2D pop out (on same monitor)

FPS 35 ish. Note the nVidia overlay is on the small window and says 71, which is obviously garbage

This one is with the 2d pop out moved to my other monitor

It says 39 FPS with the nVidia thing still wonky showing 82 in the middle of the screen (where the corner of the op out window was, for whatever reason)

So slight drop of 7ish FPS when in the same monitor, and maybe 2 FPS when pulled onto another monitor

Nothing like the impact you are seeing though. No idea why you are getting that

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Now I just wish the popped-out window configuration would be saved with Save/Load, or even just remembered between sessions with the same aircraft until changed.

Having to redo the windows every time just adds to the already long wait between starting up the sim to getting in the air.

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Also being able to interact with the pop-out windows when it’s a touch screen would be nice. You can’t even interact with the ATC window using a mouse when it’s popped out. You have to use the keyboard commands. I’d love to have the screens for the TBM on another touch monitor…

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"You can’t even interact with the ATC window using a mouse when it’s popped out. "

Hmmmmm…??? Are you sure about this? I’d swear I’m able to mouse over to my second screen and select ATC commands. I’m only questioning this because I usually use the keyboard as well… but I’d swear I can do it with the mouse also.

I’ll check this out when I’m back home, and I’m willing to stand corrected, but I’m really thinking this is doable.

[Edit: Confirmed. I have no problem selecting items in the ATC window when popped out to my second screen with the mouse. This worked with both mixed resolutions (1440 and a 1080), and with similar resolutions (1440 and 1440).]

Hmmmm… I think this may have something to do with having 2 different resolution monitors.

When I have the window popped out, but on the same monitor (UWQHD), I can intereact with the buttons. If I have it on my second monitor (4K), I can’t. Perhaps it has something to do with Windows resolution scaling.

Yeah, mine pop out on the same monitor (ATC and Camera), but they have to be resized for every flight session.

I get a 8-10fps drop when parked in the tbm once I pop out one of the g1000 screens and move to my touch monitor . (45 to 36 ish)
But it’s an essential feature im glad they have it enabled.

Specs and settings ?

Yeah popping out displays takes me from mid 40s to low 30s. Ib really hope they can get that fixed but not holding my breath.