2nd level of time acceleration is unavailable under AP

Everyone knows that time acceleration within MSFS is limited by autopilot. In forth level of acceleration plane start to ditch up and down. Now i noticed that second level of accel is unavailable under AP. Plane start to turn left right with pedals. Maybe it is because of wind, but even under 30 knots it happens.
Without acceleration u might notice that pedals operating all the time to correct the flight vector and they are going mad at 3 accel.
Is there anyone who noticed that?

Plane: A32N FLBW, Speed: 230-340 kt, Alt: 2000-31000 ft, Region: Japan mainly.

x4 simmrate still works with other planes such as the 747 and 787. It seems that the new AP of FBW in the development version cannot do x4 simmrate yet.

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Thank you, I will try them too

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