2nd Test after World Update III, first impressions

After the second test after the world update III I must say that I am pleasantly surprised.
I have flown the EGKK / EGGC route (Go & return) with the latest version of the FBW A32nx…

Much less Sutters, very smooth (VSync OFF in game, NVIDIA Control Panel Vsync Fast)
Rolling Cache: OFF.
I think the update has improved both in visual aspect and in performance. Congratulations asobo, this is a step forward.
I also want to congratulate the FBW team for the efficient and precise work they are doing with the A320 NEO.
For me currently, it is the most interesting plane to enjoy this simulator.
Thanks to the community for keeping the bonfire of curiosity alight and for contributing to make this by far the best and most immersive flight simulator.

My specs:

I7 10700
MSI RTX2060 Super 8GB
SSD M2 Samsung 1TB (Only for MSFS)
16 GB RAM DDR4 / 2666 Mhz Samsung
600Mbps Internet Speed
Game Settings: Mostly HIGH, some on ULTRA
1080p Screen Resolution
Vsync OFF in game (Nvidia CP: VSYNC: Fast)
Rolling Caché: OFF
Manual Caché: OFF
TCA Quadrant + Add On
TCA Airbus Joystick

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you had no problems with the A320 from FBW? since the patch i have had problems with the flaps. the plane overreacts extremely

Fix is out in the developer version.

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ouuuuuu nice. thanks for the information

I’m not really into airliners, but something I’m really happy about is that third party (Community) stuff like some of my favorite small airplanes, including the Zlinn products, as well as Paul’s gliders and the big Boeing 979 wing prototype have survived this update. Liveries work… As well as the many Dutch sceneries I have in Community… and LS60. Nothing got lost, great work. Far better than the previous one. Performance: frame rate for the first go is mainly the same, but somehow it seems they optimized the cache. A second go over the same terrain is far better. Main menu is coming quicker…

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The issue is fixed on last dev or custom version

Still have a lot of work to do, the world is big, there are a lot of planes and sceneries and the issues appears after days / weeks flying.
But my first impressions after update are positive.

I’m apparently having the opposite experience from most with this most recent world update. I’ve attempted 3 different flight plans 2 from Gatwick, 1 from Heathrow, and it stutters so bad it is like a slide show. I will try again turning off vsync in the game and setting it to fast in the NCPL.

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