3 flights without CTD now!


Since the SU10 version, I have never managed to make a flight, whereas before, I almost never had a problem. Either freezes, or blue screen and reboot, or CTD, and I thought it was related to the new DLSS which is frankly great. I always stayed under DX11.
In the end, I ended up going into my bios and disabling XMP (which I’ve always used).
Since then, no more crashes on my config.

The pc is a High end but from 2016 with a recent Nvdia RTX 2070 SUPER card - 32 GB RAM - SDD - and 2K screen reproduction

Is the problem related to the association of DLSS and XMP?
I do not pretend to have a good level in Hardware to speak out!

Maybe an option to try at home!
Bye !


the most users asked that MSFS should more utilize the given hardware and that becomes more and more true. The side-effect: your hardware is more used and may be the OCs will no longer work and/or weak-points comes on top ( xmp is kind of OC ).

As example I remember a report in Beta about : that now the CPU is much more used and the PC is more hot. But thats just exactly what the players want : 100% utilized system.

Why XMP mode cause issue, can have many reasons… depends on sticks, mainboard, heat, cpu, and on… But I assume you speak about 2666 vs 3200, or ?.. You will not realy notice a difference in On vs Off, only that with Off your system is much more stable :wink:

Thank you Micha !
It’s totally true, I also noticed that the temperature of the CPU had increased in proportion to its use.
As a result, the whole tower heats up a little more. I think I lost few FPS without XMP but on the other hand, I gained so much with DLSS that in the end, everything is fine at this point !

The only thing indeed and on another subject, is the blur effect in the cockpit but I have no doubt that it will be improved soon !

Have a good evening :slight_smile:

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yep… its just DLSS and therefore I usually not use it. Then I like more “the lower fps with better image quality” . But of course for users with VR is it a good thing.

And if you notice really a higher temp, then also check the airflow of your pc-case. That all fans work fine ( and not to slow ) and that the air vents are free. At too high temp in your pc can also cause an overheat of your RAM with then xmp mode enabled.