3d Prints finishing

Hi to All simmers

I recently create a small panel testing how the Arduino works,
it came up fine for me,

And i decided to built a separate panels for a variety of planes for MSFS
i cannot build a full cockpit just because i don’t have enough space , I live in an apartment and some of you know how anyone lack of space is :slight_smile:

So, this is my idea

Mi idea is to build a small many panels for a variety of planes I like, and just to mix them depend of the plane that im flying with.

So before printing all the panel i decided to print just a small cutout + some button for paint test

I spray them with liquid spray putty and then i sand them.
Then paint them with acrylic auto paint .
But even after 3 layers of paint , the paint is chipping like a hell.

So My question is how to paint correct those PLA Panels , what im doing wrong?



Consider just making the knob surfaces flat, for every button and then printing labels to match the color of the paint? Easy-peasy.

I am liking this idea! I would love to see the TBM AP panel done. If you do that then include the two barometer knobs too. :slight_smile:

My plan is to build all panels including G3000

it’s not labels than im worried , but the edges panels itself and the edges of the buttons.
if they rubbing they chip so those are the paints

I do not know anything about 3D printing…

Consider using black plastic instead? Anything darker than the color shown would be fine by us. Then, you would not need to paint anything?

Is this a plastic issue or a painting issue of the buttons rubbing?

Sorry if I am not understanding the problem you are having.

Sorry for mismatch the question .

The only way for me is to print the panel white , then painted black and then sanding the buttons signs to white, then i will put leds in the buttons so the letters to light.

Inspired by

Unfortunately, i don’t have CNC neither Co2 laser cutter.
probably is better to use Co2 cutter if i had where to put it , but i don`t i have only 3d printer to use.

The problem is the paint won’t stick to actual primer that I`m spraying . And when pushing the buttons they rubbing and the paint chips away .

Im just wondering if there is someone who have experience in this area?
I`m 3D/Vfx artist and can do pretty much everything in 3d space. But lack of practical skills :slight_smile:

1/ are you sure the paint is the same type ? acrylic vs enamel, as they usually can’t be mixed and will give you that problem

2/ after painting use a clear varnish over the top of the buttons to protect the paint on the buttons (a clear nail polish will do the trick)

I am planning a similar project. All around cockpit panels when i will fly with 777, 787 addons which will be released for MSFS2020. Since i am still making my research on some web pages i remember reading painting PLA with Aerosol paint.

I have no detailed information, but most of the 3d printing pages was mentioning about sanding PLA 3d printed model and painting with Aerosol paint. (Especially tiny paintbrush if tiny detail area).
Hope it helps, sorry if i gave no needed info. Good luck :smiley:

I have a Snapmaker which has a CNC and laser engraver function as well as 3D printing. You can pick up a small laser engraver pretty cheap and just laser your lettering and attach it to whatever you need to. Here’s a link to a vid of a controller I made for DCS to give you an idea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxi-InKHcVQ