3rd party add-on launcher (Similar to iRacing Manager)

Is there any sort of program available that can auto launch all your associated 3rd party add-ons when you launch MSFS? If anyone is familiar with iRacing, there is a program called iracing manager where you add all your other programs and it auto launches and auto closes them with the main game exe.

Seems like this would be a great tool to have.

Just found this new utility that does almost exactly what I was looking for. Dev is still working on enhancements as well.

Hey, I’m the dev behind MultiLauncher. I wrote it for MSFS but it’s intentionally general and you can use it for anything. If you have any bugs or suggestions please open an issue directly on github.

I’m currently working on an auto-update function which I expect to release today, and if not, I’ll at least release an update notification. I’ll post here once that’s completed so you can grab the latest version with that functionality.

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v1.0.5 is up, featuring an auto-updater. If you’re running a previous version, you can just drop the new one on top of the old one and everything will work as it should. Future updates will happen directly in MultiLauncher.


Is there a way to adjust the size of the window based on the list of programs inserted?