3rd party aircraft hardly updated

So, Ive got a bunch of 3rd party aircraft from the marketplace. I do find bugs and glithces in almost each and everyone of them but theres no updates coming.

It could be missing or incomplete checklists, or no info of instruments when floating with cursor. Could be sounds that needs correction in direction, strenght etc.

Are devs a bit lazy, or… are they updated if I would have got them from the dvs site directly (should not matter is my opinion).

can you specify which aircraft?

Allot of 3rd party aircraft do receive updates and some regularly, however there is a large queue / backlog going into the Marketplace so it can take quite a bit of time before they show up there.

While those who purchased outside of the Marketplace get quicker access to them.

Have you gone to the developers site and confirmed the latest version they are publishing versus what is in the Marketplace?

Two things:

  1. Updates take multiple weeks to appear in the marketplace due to the security and quality control testing that Asobo has to do for each update sent to the marketplace by a third party.

  2. Are you actually reporting these bugs and glitches to the third party developers, and are you receiving acknowledgement that an update is indeed forthcoming? A bug or issue that may be obvious to you may not be obvious to the developer unless you report it to them.

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