3rd party first aircraft f-16 vs billion dollar company f-18

i really hope viper will got avionic close to real, if not mfd pages, what would be cool, so at least switchers, mfd on/off bright rotary, as possible real hud, those casual mfd pages and hud pictures so bad as scary me, all that’s birds deserve more respect, simulator from millennium was more accurate, don’t remember there was two versions of falcon, no need full model, but navigation avionic… in hornet everything go right but same lack of many things like signatures on map like airports… come on, fighters is existential best aircraft from they born in start of xx till now, give them more attention please

I got the other viper aswell dude asked me to remove my videos and I said not unless I get a refund…the videos are still up lol

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I know this has been answered before but I’d like to do it again. The F-16 and basically all other fighters of that time and later actually do exactly that, they go on rails. If you point the airplane to a point in the sky it will fly there, as long as there are no gusts or thermals. The Fly-by-wire system controls and flies the airplane, the pilot actually only commands it. The stick of the F16 was meant not to move at all when the plane was designed (force receptors only) but pilots complained and requested some control feedback and so the stick moves a couple of mm. These aircraft, F-18 too, are unstable by design to be able to do extremely tight maneuvres. The F-14 for example or the F-4 are aerodynamically stable aircraft with conventional controls and you’ll stall them quickly if you pull too high AOA’s, the F-16 will give you what it can but no more. Eurofighter, F-22 etc do the same. In calm air, if you let the stick go, they will not change their attitude. Even worse, in different modes like air to air or air to ground they will even use different control setups and react differently to input. I don’t have the DCD F16 but if it flies on rails it’s done correctly. From a pilot’s perspective these aircraft are actually quite boring if you leave the speed out of the equation.


Thanks for the details. I don’t find FBW boring at all; I spend more time looking around and less time trimming. I also have a 1% dead spot in my pitch and roll, so I have a tough time trimming non-FBW aircraft.

Yes that‘s certainly true. It‘s easier in real aircraft though but in the sim trimming can be a pain.

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