3rd party first aircraft f-16 vs billion dollar company f-18

the f-16 really puts the hornet to shame and it really puts it to shame with how its sc first aircraft

f-16 Microsoft Flight simulator 2020: The 2021 F-16C high performance airshow demonstration - YouTube

f-18 Microsoft Flight simulator 2020: The 2021 F/A-18E/F Super Hornet twilight airshow demonstration - YouTube

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This will go well :rofl:

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I can’t wait

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Thanks for the vote of confidence, I really do appreciate it, but the Asobo FA-18E wins hands down in the cockpit department. I’m already helping SC Designs with plans for a cockpit re-build though, something that will also happen with the F-15s and F-14s going into next year. We want to match those Asobo visuals now, and put the icing on the cake for all our fighters :slight_smile:


I do agree the hornet wins for cockpit and sound

But the f-16 flight model is so much better and visual effects like vapor cones and the canopy actually opens lol and the afterburners are auto and not having to bind a whole another key

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Putting a positive spin on things…

Pretty good first offering from SC Design then? That sounds promising. Will be interesting to see what they and DC Design bring next.

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Yes, the F-16s have actually had more first-day sales than the F-15s and F-14s respectively, and so far, positive reviews and previews across the board. There is much more to be done though.

My big announcement for what’s coming in 2022 will be on my Faceache page next Friday.


I bought the F-15 because it was the first decent quality Mach+ plane in the Marketplace. It’s well done and fun to fly, but realized the cockpit graphics are nowhere near Asobo’s etc. But because of the constant updates and good press, I bought the F-14 too. Was not disappointed. A nice step up in quality in most every way. Now learning that yall are re-doing both cockpits next year? I love yall’s work. Keep it up!


An opening canopy is so important to immersiveness. Still can’t believe the stock planes don’t have this feature.


Imagine what will happen if you make a Rafale :sunglasses::clinking_glasses:

PS Yes i remember what you told me about the lisence thing


I think that f18 Asobo + mod of visual effects and correction of lights and fuel is well above the f16 that in my opinion has some poor textures, and a fairly easy flight model, it goes on rails

You have now made (at least, by my count) three posts critical of the F-16. We get it, you don’t like it.

But as to your specific points:

  1. The Asobo F/A-18 has NO external stores options. None. Not even drop tanks. That’s absurd for a short-range, tactical military aircraft.
  2. The Asobo F/A-18 has a ridiculous keybind for afterburner, requiring those of us with HOTAS controls to either re-purpose an existing button and create a custom controller profile, or else go hands-off and use the keyboard.
  3. “On rails”? Do you understand fly-by-wire control systems? Have you actually FLOWN both aircraft one after the other? Both are pretty “on rails” compared to, say, the DC Designs F-14/15 (which are not FBW) or any older warbird in the sim. That’s what FBW pretty much IS, by nature.

But without being fixed by the community? With its INOP fuel systems copied over from an airliner?

  1. it is possible to be supportive of a product without bashing another one…

  2. the whole ‘on rails’ complaint is just SO tired…

  3. MSFS / Asobo aircrafts, just like everything else they model aside from the core flight sim product, are meant to showcase additional technical improvements to the base simulator. As such it is important to remember that 3rd party offerings by COMPETENT developers will always be better than those. Even if you only took into account the updates 3rd party devs make in support of their own products.

  4. most posts on this forum generate massive eyeroll events that can cause damage to your eye muscles - read only at your own risk


Who said they didnt like it?

sorry if I bothered someone, it was not my intention to offend anyone

The guy I was replying to, lol.

Me personaly,if SC Design or DC Design,make another F/A18 i will be more than happy to buy it.
The default one is useless,but it paved the way for new stuff,which i think Asobo is the only reason the released it as it is

F16 is awesome. I got ripped off in buying the Deimos F16 which was a disaster…. The SC one is so cool, been flying it for hours today, Hand flying it all over canyons and the NAV autopilot works great too!!! Love your Brothers work!!!

Thanks for building this!!! Can’t wait to hear what is planned for 2022!!!

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