4 different satellite tiles visible

Can’t this fancy AI colour match these tiles?


Happen to know the location?

It happens, the whole world can’t be perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d recommend filing a report with Zendesk while making sure to include as much relevant information as possible.

Heading east towards Iraq, just past the Sinai Valley, 200ish miles south of Jerusalem.

Looks like a seam in Bing Maps…Zendesk it, but it probably won’t get fixed until the world update in that area.

Don’t be silly. No point in zendesking every mismatch of colours all over the world. This fancy smansy super AI that can supposedly cut 10000 man hours (according to the MS TV adverts) from manual tasks should be able to correct shading and colour pallets to match tiles the world over. It doesn’t. The reason it doesn’t is Asobo / blackshark haven’t told it to. Why not?

It’s not like it comes as a surprise that different satellite images have different hues. Was it not thought of? Not considered (like much else it seems)? Or is it just ‘to be completed’?


Absolutely right. If 3rd party developers can match seams between tiled areas so should the developers of FS, they just have not bothered to consider it as a problem. There are numerous examples of a “that will do” attitude by the developers in some aspects of this sim and this is one of them.

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