4 Season Pack - Multi Season - Available on PC and Xbox [Archive 1]

There seems to be an issue with the latest sim update with automatic season install. Please install using manual mode until the new fix is done.


You can use “tree” setting in sim setting to high or medium instead of ultra.

Downloaded 4.0. Haven’t flown yet. Thank you for the update. I did a manual winter install (until March 20th when spring kicks in).

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the exe will not accept my input of the folder (not default one) while the auto function is not work. please have a check.

Please use manual install as the new sim update yesterday stopped the automatic install software from working properly.
I will have a hotfix for that.

Yes while manually installed the addon,ther is a dramatic change in the scene.


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Wonderful. It’s a whole different world :slight_smile:

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There have been reports that Tree LOD has stopped working after the latest sim update ( for other tree mods and you may wonder if it happens to this mod as well.
Make sure you don’t use any other tree mods with this season mod.

I just did a quick video to confirm it’s still working:

Edit: After further testing, it seems that tree LOD has been effected in certain areas.
For best LOD results, use Terrain LOD 200 and change tree slider to ultra to get the 10 miles viewing distance. I hope Asobo will fix this soon.


Hi Bijan, thank you for your perfect work, it is enjoyable to find this in a normal FS forum.


I just want to say I enjoy version 4.0 very much! Thank you for your product, I hope you continue to evolve it in terms of various regions. One question… Winter Preset - trees near Alexandria, Egypt seem to be brown. I understand why it happens TECHNICALLY. Do you or anyone else have insight into Egypt’s flora in the winter? I wouldn’t think trees go brown in the winter there due to hot temps.

Believe it or not, in many parts of egypt deciduous trees do change color and may lose their leaves in the autumn and winter. Changing of leaves and dropping them is influenced by temperature changes, but even more by the decreasing hours of daylight, which triggers leaves to reduce the amount of chlorophyll and change color. This reduces photosynthesis and the leaves drop. The latitude of Egypt causes it to experience enough of a dip in daylight hours that some species of tree will be triggered into fall colors and leaves dropping. Also, many parts of Egypt can be deceptively cold in the winter, especially the more desert areas at night. Average low in winter in Alexandra is 9C which might not seem too bad, but it is just enough for some trees. Plus, it can get much colder than that many nights.

So we tend to think of the tropics, for example as always being green because it’s hot, which is partially true, but even more so because the tropics get rather consistent day length all year, so the trees are not put into their fall leaf change and drop state. Alexandria is about the same lattitude as Dallas, TX

autumn in egypt by Walther Le Kon, on Flickr

This is true for the rest of North Africa as well with some exceptions of course. Here’s Marrakech, Morrocco in the autumn:


It seems, that Bijan has personally explored the whole, wide world ?!


Makes sense. Should have remembered from my Undergrad Botany studies when I was a pre-med. :wink:


Thank you for your feedback. I will be happy to look into this and if there is any room for enhancement, I will be happy to do so.


Thank you for your time and detail explanation.

Doe this do anything to remove the excessive number of trees in New York City?

My experience with default trees is that they are much scattered than in real life in cities. What I do is study them in Bing’s “birds eyes” view and “google earth 3d” and “street view” to see the actual size and amount of trees and adjust them accordingly.
If you can post a screenshot of what you see that you believe is not right so I can go and compare.

Your work is exceptional. The default tree lod was an issue with the sim at first but is happily fixed with your fine work . Your mod brings out the life in the sim.
It’s must have for the sim.
Keep up the excellent work.



Thank you Paco. :pray:

Yeah, I have been flying with the Winter pack now for a couple of days. The level of immersion this provides is really good. This was a purchase I am very happy with. :wink:

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