4 Season Pack - Multi Season - Available on PC and Xbox [Archive 1]

Announcing “4 Season Pack” - An ongoing project and always updating.

This seasons mods are not just about colors changes, it’s about correct vegetations all around the world with correct sizes and to bring realism and immersion to your flying experience.

For support, bug report contact me via email: bijanstudiola@gmail.com
New Version 4 features:

For previous update logs and more pictures and information visit the product page on simmarket.

What does “4 season pack” include?

  1. Over 55 new ecosystems and expanding, featuring over 45 trees, shrubs and bushes which are placed in the world based on native vegetation.
  2. Four seasons. (new bare winter trees)
  3. Covers the whole earth
  4. True to life size trees
  5. Barely any impact on performance.
  6. Easy install in community folder.
  7. Free updates and support, bug report via email: bijanstudiola@gmail.com

You will get 4 seasons folders (one for each season) and one 3d tree model folder.
Only one season can be installed at a time in community folder.

Each season has 3 parts:

  1. Northern hemisphere
  2. Southern hemisphere
  3. Tropical areas.

If you install Spring N, Fall S. It means it’s spring in Northern hemisphere and fall in Southern hemisphere. So if you fly from north (spring) to south, you will see fall colors in south (without changing folder)

But if you want to see fall colors in north, then you would have to install Fall N. Spring S.

Every season in north has the opposite season in the south.

Tropical areas always are summer (green) in every season.

The season mod is not connected to the time and date of the sim and it’s not installing season automatically.

Spring Season mod will change trees and shrubs to shades of beautiful spring colors within cities only. Forest and areas outside cities will have bright spring green colors only. You will find colorful trees such as cherry blossom, jacaranda, wisteria, etc. There are pink, purple, white, yellow colored trees.

All trees and shrubs now have beautiful shades of green and different sizes.
Added a variety of tree types to each region.
Added missing palm trees in some tropical areas.
Added cactus to some of the desert areas.

Fall will convert trees all over the world into 20 different sets of fall colors. Not all fall colors will be the same (see pictures below). Tropical areas will have no fall colors since they stay mostly green all year round.

Winter changes most trees to multiple brown and gray colors. (except conifer and palm trees) Brown/gray trees look much more natural in winter and with snow instead of green trees with snow.

Winter season does not automatically place snow in scenes. If you want to see snow, you will have to add snow manually in the weather setting or fly in an area in live weather to see snow.

  1. How do install seasons?
    Please read install.txt file included in your package.
  2. Is this compatible with other tree mods?
    No. you’ll need to uninstall any other tree mod that has biome information such as the old tree mods or the new NZA Simulations - NZRO Rotorua. If you install 2 tree mods, you may see wrong trees in some areas.
  3. How do I change seasons?
    Please read install.txt file included in your package.
  4. I installed seasons and I see no changes.
    You probably installed all seasons folder in your community folder or you’re using another tree mod. Only install one season.
  5. I see wrong trees around airports.
    You’re using an airport mod that is interfering with this mod. Send me the airport information and I’ll fix it.
  6. Why are photogrammetry trees green in winter?
    Those are part of the photogrammetry mesh and cannot be edited but most are covered by season mod trees.
  7. Season doesn’t change when I change the season in weather panel.
    Season mod is not controlled by weather panel setting. it’s controlled by what season folder you have in community folder.
  8. Why do I see green trees in winter?
    Most Pine, Palm, eucalyptus trees, and tropical areas stay green all year long.
  9. How do I upgrade?
    Log in to simmarket and go to download section and download.
  10. How do I get update notification?
    Tick the box for update notification here: simMarket: Flight Simulation Add-Ons - MSFS, P3D, FSX, XPLANE
  11. Why don’t I see 3d leafless winter trees everywhere?
    Those trees are placed manually by hand and are only places in specific areas.
  12. Why are terrains green in winter?
    Season mod doesn’t change terrain color or textures. Those are from Bing satellite imagery.
  13. Does season work in offline mode?
  14. Does it work with photogrammetry on?
  15. Where do I find the location of 3d trees:
    They are listed in a file called “what’s new.txt” each update should have GPS location.

For bug and support reports:
BijanStudio's Seasons - Island, boats or

Los Angeles (before)

Los Angeles (after)

Palm fields in India:

One of many jungle colors:

Spring in Washington:


Winter - brown/grey trees but pine trees stay green.

Another set of jungle colors:

One of many different set of fall colors:

Patches of yellow pine in Banff national park: (fall season)



Spring blossoms:

Another tropical:


Southern USA cities with palm, cactus and other trees. Las Vegas and Phoenix, etc.

Fall in New York:

Pine tree plantation in UK:


Yay, been looking forward to the update. Won’t fly without it, game changer in FS for me. & excellent support. Cheers!

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Great! I’ve been extremely happy with the pack sofar. It’s a noticeable upgrade over the default vegetation. As close to a must have add-on as you can get.

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Thanks so much for your support. Glad to help out. :pray:

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Glad to hear that. Thanks so much for your support. :pray:

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I love your mod great work and always updated! Class a in my book !

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OK I think I am finally sold. Off to buy. :wink:


Dude it’s totally worth it. It is very, very, very good. This really is an add-on that should get a lot more attention and be considered a standard must buy for anyone with interest in addons.


Just bought it… We will see what it’s like when I fly in a couple of hours. It sounds interesting and is a good thing to have until MSFS has full native seasons implementation. I was holding off until Asobo gets those done, but I don’t want to wait anymore. Seasons is one of the areas P3D still had an advantage over MSFS.

Once that happens, perhaps this project could re-focus as an enhancement of native MSFS seasons of sorts.

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Thank you.
I am in process of uploading version 4 to simmarket, which should be done tonight. Make sure you have your notification on so you can download version 4.0

Thanks again


Be sure to read the read-me. You can only have 1 season activated at a time due to MSFS limitations. I use Addon Linker to choose my season before I load up MSFS.


I downloaded that exe file that specifies which season to run but it seems to have placed all 4 seasons into the Community folder. How will it know to ignore 3 of them? I almost feel like it’s safer just to manually place them?

I am not sure how it managed to do that. did you have them all in same folder before running it?
There is a video showing how to install it. You can install it manually. For further support you can contact me directly to my email since the mods won’t allow support on this forum.

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So am I reading this right, with the upgraded single seasons will they now be global? rather than Summer Northern Hemisphere/ Winter Southern Hemisphere etc as I see no combined files in the download.

That’s correct.
All future updates will only be for single seasons. But tropical areas won’t be effected as they will always remain the same greens.

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Thanks for getting back to me

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Looks like it’s maturing into a really nice product. Think I’ll finally go and get it!

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Same thing here regarding it installing all seasons at once. Very different form version 3 which automatically only installed one season at a time. I’ve emailed for support on this.

This mode is incredible! But the extreme tree density also hurt my fps. Is there a way to lower tree density at long distance?

Has anyone got the free upgrade at SimMarket, and got version 4 to work with automatic season changes as version 3 did?