Sim Update 3 has broken the most essential : mod Vegetation Draw Distance Fix! Please fix that!

Pre sim update… not the state now posted in the sceen… The red line is from my memory as i can’t compare the same scene without having a screenshot of it.

they should it make possible to tweak such settings like LOD etc. easy. Like FSX

I’ve just installed v4 of your mod, and it’s brilliant. I’ve only tested it at low altitudes, but it looks fantastic, both the vegetation and the LOD effect. Thanks for your work on this.

Yes, it’s exactly the issue here…I don’t get the point of that…For now we are back to a native draw distance wich is the equivalent of the low settings in P3D, but only, in MSFS you’ve got it with ultra settings…This is not acceptable and doesn’t make any sense they don’t provide a setting slider for the vegetation draw distance and another for buildings, it’s ruining all the brilliant things that are done in MSFS with landscape depiction…
It especially doesn’t make sense since the mod we’ve got before this update was increasing the draw distance to something barely noticeable, at almost no FPS cost…so this is absolutely not a performance limitation…


Where I can download your mod?.. it looks awesome!

See the post on here:


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Thank you so much for the quick answer :+1:t5: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have you made your even higher lod version available to sim market? Would consider getting the mod if so. Getting the same effect with lod 500 which is fine in rural areas with the sideeffect of crisper ground but its way to hard on ram/vram in the photo cities with the 3080 constantly dumping into ram.

I am still experimenting some new settings. The last picture I posted is with level 200 and I modified a file called UserCfg.opt to increase LOD to 4 But you may lose FTP by doing that.

To be fair, his low altitude video has visible trees on the tops of the mountains 10 miles away. I’m not sure the low altitude was misleading.

Yes ramped the usercfg myself to LOD 5.00000, there I’d get almost get a tree draw distance as high as it was before Simupdate 3.
It’s just a probematic setting and like bruteforcing the sim to look better, as this option also increases the LD quality rings of the satimage ground textures, as well as the range of the highest quality Mesh Polygons.
Thats fine in rural areas in the most cases, but there are photogrammetry cities where so many useless polygons are built, where the fps will tank down. As well as there are more factors to perforrmance like the chosen aircraft or the multiplayer which impacts performance to some great amount as well.
So LOD can’t be the answer to get a better tree distance for many users, the only way can be to increase the tee distance itself. Good news is as the LOD Radius can still be manipulated it seems the limitation was built client side with the SU3, so it should somehow be possible to get the old values back.


The “4 Season Pack” has the same popping issue:

Only way then, even with the free mods, would be to increase the Terrain LoDFactor in UserCfg.opt which has a huge impact on FPS and even then the popping still exist.

Asobo please, why you do this??? Ah who am I kidding, it’s hopeless.


That looks truly bad :frowning: … did not realize it was this bad. That is with LOD200?

Yes, also tried 5.0 which is LOD500.

The same problem here with or without mod…

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This is not the “game” i payed for anymore. Obvious view distance degradation with every update. I’m a simmer for 30 years and a PPL license owner. MFS 2020 does have a potential but this kind of arrogant behaviour from the developers is absolutely unacceptable.


This is really disheartening. This LOD reduction coupled with the stuttering / FPS problems makes the sim unusable for me.

I don’t understand how they can keep making such big mistakes with every update.


this is a disgrace what they are doing, every update they are destroying there once perfect game. i feel sorry for the people who never played this game on day one it was stunning,
last night they said they had 3 videos showing the game on release after update and the other week, and they said each video showed the game looking the same, i have to call bull on that,

I hate the lod and the popping, doesn’t matter how powerful your PC is it will still look like trash when your over 4000ft, so Microsoft please ask your commentary are they happy about your changes you are making, you say you listen, but we all no you dont.


It really is one step forward, five steps back. FS2000!

Radeon 5700XT with everything set to high or ultra


This has basically ruined the sim for me - why have Asobo nerfed the LOD so harshly and locked out any mods to override it, terrible!
Screw the Xbox if this is the reason behind it.