I know there are threads on this in Scenery packs and Tool and Utilities, but I thought I’d start a thread here on it solely for VR flyers. If you are not familiar with it see this thread:

4 Season Pack - Multi Season - Version 6 is released for Sim Update 5

Anyway I tried it out today and I have to say it makes a big improvement for me, especially in VR. The trees are the correct height and in 3D it all looks so much better. I tried my home town in Hobart, Tasmania, Oz, where Mt Wellington in particular looked a lot more realistic (although there should be a tree line, above which only shrubs and smaller gums grow) then New Guinea at AYGA - Goroka, where I do a lot of bush flying from, and then the UK where I spent my primary school years in the Black Country. All looked much better in VR than the stock foliage.

I haven’t got around to altering the seasons yet, I just had Summer up north and Winter down under.

In short, well worth checking out for VR flying if you are unfamiliar with it. I really enjoyed myself this morning. :grinning:

As an aside, I tried out Radeon chill, setting my fps to 30FPS on my 6800XT and all was smooth as silk, with mostly high settings and some ultra (reflections off for now) OXR 100 / RS 80. So it seems my rig holds that 30fps with no problems, where I have flown today anyway.

G2 Headset
Ryzen 5600X
Radeon 6800XT
32 GB CL 16 RAM
X570 mobo.


I got this a few days ago myself and, I agree, it improves the VR quite considerably.

Re your aside, I am getting similar results with similar settings but on an i9 and 3080. Mine stays pretty much at 30 FPS+ anywhere.

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Good to hear on both counts.

Being locked on 30fps, with the G2 at 90fps gives a nice division and hence the smoothness even at tree top height, as I was most of today in the little VGP Power Solo ultralight (also a good investment for VR, the view through your feet and past those fat tyres is great).

Been using this mod for a month or so now. It’s really good and looks/performs great in VR.

Dev is a top guy and updates are very regular - I purchased on simmarket but I think there are other options.

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Agree. The dev offers fantastic support. Wish there were more with his attitude.

I think you can only buy this on Simmarket and the Market Place (MP).

I made the mistake of buying one of the cheap packs (£7 ???) on the MP first and it was a big mistake. I eventually bought the full pack on simmarket and although the full pack was more expensive it is a far better product and well worth the extra expense (for me).

Also bear in mind that the dev is quite prolific in his updates. These can be got easily at simmarket. You will have to wait a long time for updates in the MP although the dev may possibly email them to you by request :slightly_smiling_face:

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100% agree with you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is one of the best mod out there. Best money I spent in years of add-ons. Great support.

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Is there any performance impact when in use? I am just on the edge or acceptable performance and would love to hear if anyone feels there is an impact.

I didn’t notice any, an if there is any it’s negligeable. I only fly VR, so performance is very important for me too. It really gives a whole new dimension of immersion to the sim to have proper vegetation and proper tree height.

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I can’t speak for others, especially since I haven’t done a direct before and after comparison, but I didn’t notice any impact on my rig after installing the add on. From what I have read elsewhere it seems that any impact is minor or not noticeable. I’d suggest contacting the developer directly and asking him, as he is reported to be very approachable and keen to help out. It’s seems to be a labour of love for this chap. :grinning:

Does it have an “All Summer” option so you don’t have to exit the sim and copy over another folder just because you want to fly in another hemisphere in summer in the same session?

The seasons are added in hemisphere pairs, so if you pick northern hemisphere summer, the southern hemisphere will be set to winter, all in the same session.

Yes I understand that, but as someone who tends to only fly summer, thats a bit inconvenient.

Oh, I see what you mean now. Sorry for the confusion.

I agree this is a great global mod that really makes a difference everywhere,. For those who haven’t yet downloaded I also strongly recommend grabbing the free We Love VFR mods from

There’s two mods, a European/African version and an Americas one. It’s made such a difference to my experience, putting in all the correct masts, chimneys, radomes etc in my local counties.

I’ve just bought the two Vessels Enhance AI and Global Shipping mods as well. They are a little pricey but the ship models are excellent and it significantly enhances the seas. Only downsides are that the wakes are very shimmery in VR and sometimes ships vanish as you fly over them, although these seem to be SU5 bugs, not the add on. And then of course we have Henrik’s free global AI shipping mod hopefully coming back at the weekend.

These three mods for me have really boosted the overall appearance of the sim.


brilliant stuff - great addon

As above it’s a great add-on, I was hesitant at first as Asobo are set to include Seasons sometime in 2022. But like other areas Modders end up doing a better job than the in-house devs so I just got this anyway. If Asobos inclusion is decent enough then at least I’d have my monies worth out of this mod by then.

@BazzaLB Request this in his other thread (Scenery section) as a few others have asked about this, the more the merrier so he may include it :slightly_smiling_face:


I think he said “All summer” is coming to the next version to be released in SimMarket, so fingers crossed.

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Slightly off topic, but does anyone know if replaces or are they both used??
Thanks, Mike

You replace it.