40 Years of MSFS - Interview with Microsoft and Asobo

I was invited by Microsoft to attend a special event for the 40th anniversary of Microsoft Flight Simulator, which took place last week.

This is my interview with the team. I hope you enjoy it:


Moderator translation:
Thank you very much!

Muito obrigado!

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I like this interview, especially also Jorg’s first seconds at video about helicopters :slight_smile: I can say only one, this sim goes to very good direction, really. It hasn’t any relevant counter player now as complex sim, in my opinion, although XP12 is here. I’m still fascinated with world texture system with Bing cooperation, is really that best system what offer some real ground textures and I can confirm, I remember some FSX times and some 3-rd party addon SW for load Google textures to sim. This time now system is simply brilliant. I also like where helicopters started and what will happen also in future. Really outstanding work all Team! I feel that here isn’t place to complain about some sim problems, they are and they will be but if we look back and what we see now, I’m sure that we can enjoy to what future brings…


Excellent, thanks for sharing Sergio.


Thanks Sergio. Nicely done. Enjoyed it very much.


Great interview, thanks for posting it.

I was a bit shocked to hear Jorg say they have 80 new planes in development.

Jorg seems to have a bias for new planes, but I think it comes at the expense of work to improve all the aspects of the sim that make it immersive - AI Traffic, ATC, increasingly out of date underlying Bing Map snapshot, finishing the incomplete base planes we already have, etc. I would love to hear him talk more about those things with equal enthusiasm. He loves the symbology of new planes, but immersion requires equal attention be given to the underlying stuff too.


Thanks, always enjoy hearing them talk about MSFS! Also - sorry Seb but none of you are allowed to retire :grin:


I believe those aircraft are being worked on by external teams. Asobo, from what I understand, is focused on the sim itself. So while not a lot is said, I do believe they are working on improving all the key areas. That’s the whole goal of “outsourcing” aircraft.

From the 12 that were just released with SU11, I believe only the G2 was developed by Asobo because Sebastian needed to do it to work on the flight dynamics too.


Great video Sergio! I love the casual atmosphere of just chatting flight sim.

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Thank you very much! It felt a lot like old acquaintances just talking about something they love. It was one of those things that it will be very hard to do again.

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Hi Jorg!
You can easily reuse building blocks of Maverick low alt challenge to add exciting mountain ridge glider races like they’re done in RL - I described here Glider races would be Awesome!
I think more challenging activities with gliders would help attract people to this beautiful and challenging sport - I described some more here: Hope for more Challenges and Activities with Gliders and Helicopters in next updates

Hello @GimbalAxis,

Sergio is correct in his quoted post above. Asobo is actively working on bug fixes and improvements to the core sim itself, while external developers are contracted to create new aircraft. As you may be aware, the new planes added in the recent 40th Anniversary Edition were made by companies such as iniBuilds, Milviz/Blackbird Simulations, Aeroplane Heaven, and more. Adding these new planes (and others such as our Local Legends and Famous Flyers series which are made by Carenado, Orbx, etc.) does not detract from Asobo’s efforts to improve the core sim experience.


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Hi Seedy (and Sergio), thanks for explaining that, I was not aware. It’s great that there is so much work going on. I do love MSFS, but am still finding myself spending more time figuring out why this or that doesn’t work, than experiencing it. I’m glad to know that there is momentum to improve the underlying aspects like AI, ATC, etc - I would still love to hear more from Jorg and Seb and Martial about those aspects, because then the community would be reassured that it’s on their radar. Thanks again!