40th Anniversary Edition Missions

Only tried a couple, the Sitka approach one worked OK (apart from the wiered message saying Sitka is behind us now turn around, when it’s clearly in front of you).

For the Hong Kong one it’s not clear what you have to do to complete it?
I toured around Hong Kong a couple of times and then Landed and parked up at the airport but it doesn’t say you’ve completed anything, what are you supposed to do?


Very disappointing. While I am appreciative of the free content, the missions were the part I was most looking forward to. I thoroughly enjoyed the FSX ones and bought the gold version just for the additional ones. This addition was a lazy hack job in my opinion. It would have made more sense to leave it out completely or delay the release until some proper versions were created with voices and events. I can get behind old ports of missions (there are some great ones out there) but this can’t even be considered a port.

Again, appreciative of the free content and amazing overall product, but sometimes it is better to delay.


40th anniversary was an awesome update, I can really recommend the glider tutorials and the new york heli activity!


The helicopter flight has incredible music, just like the top gun activities. Really makes it feel so epic.

The legacy missions were generally a fun experience, but not very well done IMO. Most didn’t have markers to guide the player, the dialog can be immersion braking (“land there to end the mission”), and some of the triggers were easy to miss, breaking the mission flow.


Missions in old versions had actual human voice actors.


Althought not perfect i love missions in the update. Hope it will make Asobo to work on proper scripts to include missions with traffic, ATC and much more!

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I was looking forward to these immensely - so far they have been little but a huge disappointment. Has anyone at Asobo, or anyone at all, tested these missions before kicking them out the door? Has anyone there actually played the original missions or did they simply pull the code over wholesale, then salvage whatever they could from there, whether it worked, made sense, or not?

I just tried the FSX ‘monsoon’ mission to Changi in the 747…Started in some trees. Every mission begins with a totally uncurated cockpit, so your first few minutes of each mission involves preparing the cockpit for the mission yourself, whether you’re on the ground or in the air! ATC and your co-pilot are talking to someone but it ain’t each other. Every mission I have tried so far, save for the ones without the % progress bars (which may as well just be free flight missions, there’s zero difference), have had some kind of fatal flaw that makes them vastly inferior to the original if not completely broken and unplayable.

There’s a guy over on flightsim.to converting the FSX missions one by one for MSFS, and he’s doing a far better job than the professionals have.

Come on! This could have been a celebration of what’s gone before as well as a new beginning for a robust missions section going forward, instead they’re a laughing stock.

If a big budget video game like Grand Theft Auto or the latest Call of Duty implemented a whole section of the game as badly as this, the entire gaming world would ridicule the developers for months.


The missions were pretty clearly rushed ports, which should’ve just been delayed until they could properly implement them in the sim. Probably another victim of having a fixed deadline for release.

Also another good example of how poor the QA process can be in many parts of the sim, from these missions to the last World Update.


Now that I’ve played the monsoon approach mission I’m even more baffled - how did this ever pass any kind of QA?
The 1st time the mission is loaded, you end up in trees (someone else reported the same here). 2nd time around, it loads fine, but the FMC is inaccessible, so it’s impossible to set things up properly, especially for the ILS approach that you’re supposed to fly.

I tried to set things up so I went into active pause - of course the voice over comments turned out to be timed instead of conditionally triggered, so they fired at completely wrong times. When I finally managed to miraculously find the runway, I got the voice over firing “And here is the localiser” - yeah thanks for that, the localiser never went alive of course since I can’t even tune that, and we’ve just touched down… Seriously…


Everyone is blaming Asobo for these missions, but I suspect they weren’t developed by Asobo. Microsoft has an official partner that develops bush trips, discovery flights, and such. I would expect these missions were covered by that official partner.

Yes, it’s clear Asobo can make great missions, I don’t think they even touched this. Some of the packages say they’re made by pipeworks. I looked them up and they seems to be a general game studio, not anything to do with (flight) simulation.

Having played and loved all the old FSX missions back in the day, I was extremeley hyped for this new and free content. Finally, there would be scripted events, a developing story (like the Grumman goose mission, where you get haunted after visiting an old temple and your aircraft systems shut down one by one or the sudden engine failure mid-cruise, where you have to emergency glide to a nearby airport) and some good dialogue.
However, as people above have pointed out, this “mission” content is simply a steaming pile of utter garbage. They did not even bother to record new voice lines, as some text is implemented as azure text-to-speech, in between the old recordings.
I have tried 5 FSX missions so far and the bugs and blatant lack of Q&A is baffling (I will modify this post upon further testing). In addition, there do not seem to be any of the legacy scripted events or story missions. The “missions” are merely repurposed bushtrips, discovery flights or landing challenges with some (really bad) voice-over. This needs a complete overhaul. The fact that NeoFly offered much better missions for free for almost 2 years says it all.

Bugs/ lack of quality encountered so far (in 5 FSX “missions”):

  • A complete disregard of proper phraseology. How hard can it be, in a predetermined mission, to implement correct ATC and comms phrases? Immersion braking to say the least. I get that in the original missions, comms might have been wrong as well, but its 16 years later now, come on.
  • A complete disregard of proper procedures. If a mission is termed “IFR” I would expect that at least a flight plan would be programmed in the FMC and that all communications with ATC and the co-pilot would reflect some IFR procedures. However, its (poorly executed) VFR all the way.
  • Non-prepared cockpits (also pointed out above). Starting the landing challenge, uhm, “mission” at princess juliana airport spawns you in the A310, which immediately nosedives to death, while you frantically set up the overhead to at least be able to turn on the autopilot. Seriously, you cannot tell me that this mission was ever tested by anyone. I am glad that at least the engines were running. The same applies to missions that begin on the ground… I would expect that all flows and checks are completed, when a mission begins at the holding point of a runway. This is simply not the case.
  • Completely bugged out communications. During final of any visual approach, your co-pilot tells you to climb, because you are below the assigned altitude… Yeah, dude, I am landing rn. Even after touchdown, this continues, which is just ridiculous.
  • Completing the San Juan Island run does not register as 100% completed.
  • The monsoon mission is such a bugfest its not even funny. First spawn is on the ground in some trees (lol). Upon restart, ILS cannot be tuned, because the FMC is turned off. Therefore, G/S does not capture and manual flight or V/S mode is needed to get to the runway. Upon exiting the mission during a go-around, the next spawn in was at 35000 feet directly above the airport (double lol). A successful (and reasonably smooth) landing does not register, but triggers the “brace yourself” and “there’s the localizer” callouts (triple lol). Upon complete backtaxi to the threshold of the runway, the mission was successfully completed… I have no words.

Disengage the autothrottle.

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It’s in the known issues: “Progress does not save in the San Juan Island Run (40th Anniversary) flight.”

played a few ones. triggers are not working, and directions and intentions are not clear. what part is completed and what part is pending is not clear. and as always gamish exterior hud is mandatory

For what it’s worth, I’ve flown several of these now and progress doesn’t save on any of them.

I agree. I think we were all expecting much better. I really hope we can get newly implemented missions with far more detail in the future that share similarities with the missions from FSX. Those missions brought the sim to life. The missions in this update still seem very “lifeless”.


You actually can, although it’s not very clear. You have to contact the tower and request taxi/departure. Once airborne, after a bit you can then pick up an IFR clearance to the France airport from ATC. You’ll have to set a direct to route to the destination airport and also set up your approach with the appropriate transition, but once that is done, you should be all set. Autopilot worked very nicely for me on this mission as well as the glideslope.

While I appreciate the free content and can admit that the missions brought back some good memories of FSX days, I must say overall the “Missions” are quite bad. I was most excited for this aspect of the new update and unfortunately am deeply disappointed. However, I’m going to stay optimistic because I think Missions can be a really popular aspect of this simulator if more time and effort get put into them by the developers. Bring more life/interactions and purpose! Also, Bush Trips are not fun.


I played a lot of FSX and the missions were so much fun. I admit some were a bit silly but sometimes you want a challenge or something more interesting than a standard flight from A to B so I really enjoyed the missions that came with FSX.

When I heard missions were coming to MSFS I was really excited to see how they would go but after trying a few I am pretty disappointed with the experience…

Here are a few of my thoughts but I would like to know what everyone else thinks of them.

  • No “difficulty” categories. I would like to be able to be able to pick a mission based on the challenge I am looking for. FSX had this but MSFS just lumps them all in to a category together. I think it would be great if missions could also be sorted by length so I can decide up front if I am looking for a 5 minute flight or something more like 1 hour.
  • No charts. I did the flight across the channel from the UK to France which is an IFR flight which you are supposed to use the ILS approach for. There was no approach plate provided which makes this impossible to do properly unless you know how to find one yourself. There wasn’t even a hint from the dialog how to set up for it (freq and course would be helpful) so you pretty much can’t complete this mission unless you go digging for information elsewhere.
  • Weather and aircraft state isn’t accurate. Flying the channel crossing mission after I took off I was instructed by ATC that my squawk code was incorrect. They asked me to set it to 1200 but when I checked it was 7000. This isn’t right for an IFR flight in the first place but also since the mission description said I was ready for departure I would expect this to be selected correctly already. I also was prompted by the dialog to ask for takeoff clearance as we were spawned on the runway ready for departure but when I opened the ATC window I was forced to first ask for taxi clearance (even though I was on the runway already) before I could request takeoff clearance. The weather also seems to be a problem - in that channel crossing when I was landing the clouds were way below minimums (probably 50ft) but on the Alaska mission in the sea plane the premise is that the conditions in Dutch Harbour are bad but the cloud base there was at around 2,000ft so I could easily get in VFR…
  • Prompts seem broken in some cases. In the mission where you just have to land a C172 on the west coast of Canada I was tracking directly for the airport but got a prompt saying something like “the airport is behind us now and we don’t have enough fuel to stay out here for much longer so turn around and go towards the airport”.

I have only tried a handful of the missions that I was familiar with from my time playing FSX so I’m not sure how the others are but these all so far feel really rushed and pretty broken. In FSX I did these missions without any prior knowledge of how to fly them and they worked pretty well but I think these new missions in MSFS just seem really quickly slapped together and if I didn’t already know what I was doing I wouldn’t enjoy them at all.

I think there is a lot of potential here and missions should absolutely be a part of MSFS but I think the implementation needs to be improved a lot and it was probably a mistake to not include them in the beta testing.


Mmmh :thinking:
I flew the following:

  • Sitka Approach
  • Flying Blind Across the Channel
  • Caribbean Landing
  • Alaska Floatplane Pilot
  • Grand Canyon Scenic Tour
  • San Juan Island Run

Only the San Juan Run didn’t register.