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It’s time to say goodbye to the poorly designed default toolbar. Parallel 42 proudly announces Flow, an intuitive and easy-to-navigate in-game interaction wheel, into Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Our revolutionary menu system challenges the status quo and offers a new and improved way of accessing and interacting with information. Navigating a single row of ever-growing control panels has become an unsightly chore in Microsoft Flight Simulator. 42 is the answer; goodbye toolbar, hello Flow!

Flow (free)

The freeware version allows access to your current default & third-party toolbar panels from an on-screen overlay. Bring up the wheel with any assignable key or button. With its modern approach to a menu system, Flow offers a unique and customizable experience for each user or aircraft. Yes, this means Navigraph, GSX, etc…

Flow Essentials $15

Essentials includes a collection of custom widgets built by //42. Find your friends, teleport, change servers, fine-tune the time of day, instantly swap weather presets, discover tucked-away camera angles, toggle landing gear, and more. We’ve also bundled widgets for all the most popular actions you’d want, so you don’t have to write them.

Flow Pro $25

Pro is a platform for power users. With Pro and basic JavaScript knowledge, you can create custom widgets and share them! Not into scripting? Find a widget for your favorite aircraft or function, and import it directly into a wheel. Twitch integrations further enrich the experience for content creators. Want to go faster than the wheel? Try shorthand in the “Otto” search bar where LL = Landing Lights!


All tiers of Flow are available via Orbx for PC. Flow Essentials has been submitted to the MSFS Marketplace for PC & Xbox. The current deployment status can be seen below.

Orbx // ALL (PC): :white_check_mark:
Marketplace // Flow Essentials: (PC/Xbox):

Flow by Parallel 42 - AVAILABLE NOW

SUPPORT: http://help.parallel42.com


New update is really cool.
Like the nameplate options :+1:


I have two issues with FLOW
When in VR and change to a outside camera view, the FLOW icon will not appear (Outside) therefore you have to go back to 2d to get back inside the plane.

When landing in VR the FLOW icon will appear around 300 ft right in the middle of the screen.
Has this happen to anyone?

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Does Flow have a widget to provide a Simbrief OFP window/popup that will stay on-top of the main FS window?

Anyone have a demo of what the HUD widgets look like in the pro version?

I can take one for you later but you mean the visual feedback of control inputs / wind etc?

There are 3, you can drag and position at the sides of the screen wherever you want them.

They are just simple tinted black boxes (square ‘windows’) with white lines cross-hair kind of thing (vertical and horizontal) with a dot for the position of the input and some other layout for relative wind / speed etc.

Ah, just found this: FLOW PRO by Parallel 42 - A preview tour of this clever new tool in Microsoft Flight Simulator - YouTube

(from timestamp 23:00)

Great thanks!

I use GitHub - sonicviz/msfs-input-viewer: In-game panel mod to show various axis inputs in MSFS2020 for inputs and GitHub - bm98/FS20_HudBar: Display essential MSFS Information as Bar at the bottom of the primary screen for wind (when I need them, I don’t use them all the time), but was just interested to see what the flow ones looked like. Nice design!

Probably go for pro to see what scripting fun can be done with it.

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It’s right up your street!
I wonder if it could make a better way to organise your aircraft? :rofl:

(…luckily, no, it can’t. It only initialises when the flight loads so you’re OK!)

You can load one of the default HUDs and build something new on top of it

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Yep! Same problem.

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I’m guessing the $25 pro version won’t come to xbox?

1: The sim doesn’t allow panels to be displayed outside of the cockpit in VR. Nothing we can do about that.
2: Please post a screenshot… not sure exactly what you’re talking about.

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Only Flow Essentials for Xbox.


Thank you! I think we’ll go social with a post this coming week to let people share how they have their nameplates set up. I’m super curious about the colors people choose!

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Will this feature work on xbox too?

I’ve tried the free version.I’ve gone back to the top toolbar.For me I find better.Works OK but when I hit on the pushback widget nothing comes up.Probably missing something but for now I’ll pass on it…

I am still experimenting with the colors.
The option to have only the friends shown is such a huge improvement as well as an transparent background.
No more wall of nameplates :+1:

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The nameplates?
As they are an essential and a pro feature, it will work on XBox as well.

Hope you guys get this tool soon, before some more nonsense content in the marketplace.

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That’s brilliant, definitely a day one purchase for me and me xbox

Thanks, just picked it up. Noice design! :+1: :+1:

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