49" curved monitor - help with which one to choose from list of 3

Samsung 49inch monitors

Hi all,

I am looking to purchase a 49" widescreen gaming monitor for MSFS 2020 and like the look of the Samsung models.

Re-assured by the fact that several other folks seem to like the Samsung 49" monitors as well for MSFS.

I am however confused as to which of the 3 included in the pic above would be advisable. I do not want to waste money unnecessarily, but would hate to buy the cheaper option (c. £830) and later realise I would have been better to spend a bit more.

Do the differing “Hz” figures matter (144Hz vs 120Hz vs 240Hz)? Would I really notice?

In case it helps, my PC Specs are: Graphics Card - Nvidia Quadro P4000 + CPU Intel Xeon W-2125 (@ 4.00GHz 4 core) + 32GB RAM.

If anyone strongly feels I should be looking at other makes and/or models, please let me know.

Any/all advice greatly welcomed.

Thanks, Alasdair (aka Flybasher…)

With CPU and GPU from 2017 I would not invest in a DQHD 5.120 x 1.440 monitor as 1st step.

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Well that certainly makes my choice much easier - thank you very much for this gaobizi00.

Regards, A

Biggest issue for you should be the curvature or the screen. What are you using the screen for? Sim only? More than that?

The 1000R curve or the G9 is superior to the flatter 1500r curves for immersion and ability to see the edges. Of course if you can’t run it, then don’t bother. You can grow into a monitor, but you do need something to grow from.

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I believe you can split up this display and use it as multiple monitors. Even if you can’t run the game on the full display, it might be worth considering if you have other programs running in the background, like Little Navmap, etc. It would be nice to have everything you need to fly visible on one screen instead of switching all the time. I was actually considering this, but I just don’t have enough space for this monster.

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Hi FlyByDriveBy - thanks for responding.
I would be using the proposed ultrawide screen for MSFS 2020 - I currently have 2 x Dell 24" monitors that I use for general PC stuff as well as MSFS.
I would keep these original screens, so one or both could be used if I find the 49" ultrawide to not be practical with general PC stuff.
Are you suggesting that I might not like using the ultrawide for other PC stuff? Do those with an ultrawide monitor use it only for gaming perhaps?
I really am trying to sort out the basics in my mind first, so all/any “real beginners” advice welcomed!
Regards, A

I went through this process recently, landing between the CRG9 and G9 Samsungs. By all accounts, viewing edge to edge on the flatter panels is more difficult and you may need to physically move to do so. The benefit is if you have some 2d images you’re working with, they won’t be as distorted.

I think the shallower curve would be preferred for more general purposes and certainly would be great for sim at an appropriate distance (but that will be further back than the G9, which you basically sit inside of to the point you feel the heat).

Best advice is go to MicroCenter or somewhere to decide for yourself. For me, I also have a 27” 4K monitor for my productivity and critical editing needs.

Edit: TBC 49” monitors are great for productivity as theyre 2x27” without the bezels. In that respect I’d like the gentler curve.

Also, the G9 has a slightly smaller footprint than the flatter panels. Could make a difference.

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I bought the CRG9 (the 1440p one) for use with the sim and am very pleased with it. I also use it for general purpose stuff as well, and it works just fine…you can have all sorts of windows open at the same time. Note that with the sim there is edge distortion (fisheye effect) that can’t be avoided. Some find this very distracting but I found after some use, I don’t really notice it any more and enjoy the extra peripheral view. There is no edge distortion with conventional windows. You can also run MSFS in windowed mode, shrink it down bit, and run LittleNavMap or whatever beside it.

I would avoid the 1080p version…the extra vertical resolution at 1440 gives you a much better view of the cockpit for example. I think, but don’t know, that the G9 with it’s greater curvature might be even better for the sim. IMHO, 120hz is way more than you need for a flight sim and probably plenty for all but the most serious gamer.

My thoughts, YMMV!

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Just in case. You realize that if you use 5120 x 1440 resolution, your performance with P4000 will be really poor. That resolution moves almost as many pixels as 4k. I would advise you to do a test to see how it will work on your computer by upscaling the resolution you are currently playing at, to a similar resolution of the monitor you are planning to get. If you play at 1440p, you can use the upscaling 200 in the sim to see how it runs in 4k without having a 4k monitor.

I have 38" 1600p ultrawide with low curvature. Very high 1000R will be hard to work on, especially text and editing videos, docs, graphics, etc. If you really set on curved monitor for work and games, then less curvy is better.

I went through multiple monitors including 38 inch, 43 inch and finally 49" Samsung LC49CRG.

Very happy with it. I also upgraded from the 1080P to the 5120 x 1440 Hz monitor.

I like the curve, and its great not just for simming but for multi tasking at work too.

Here are some full screen resolution pics from the sim.


Hi Severeeno - thanks for this advice - I will certainly to the test you suggest - great idea.
Regards, A

Thanks Wilco3563 - advice appreciated and noted. Regards, A

Hi SlidHydra… - pics look really good. Will be trying out various settings as a test before making a final decision. Thanks for your input.
Regards, A

I went from ma 24" 4k monitor to a 49 inch widescreen. The resolution of the 4K was better.
The highest resolution 49 inch is the 5120 across by 1440p horizontal. I would not get any lesser resolution, because on that huge monitor, it is really obvious. So i would stay away from 1080p resolutions .

Hey there. I recently upgraded to an AW with an i9-10900KF CPU and the Nvidia RTX3090. Bought the Samsung G9 49inch Ultra-wide to go with it. Could not be happier with the set up. Enjoying flying these days, instead of endlessly tweaking config flies.

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I have G9, very happy, i have 3080 and sim is smooth.

G9 here…love it

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beautiful shots… calibration of monitor looks great… what are your graphic setting?

And HDR is jawdropping too.

OK - thanks very much to all contributors - will take everything on board - probably upgrade my graphics card first, and then pursue new monitor.
Am “closing” this thread now - what a wonderful resource this Forum is.
Regards, Alasdair (aka FlyBasher…)