4simmers issues with asobo model

4simmers have stated that they had issues with adding lettering to the sharklets on the asobo a320 model and had to remove them just before release which is a real shame

I not understand… What is the issue ?

On the easyjet livery its supposed to have it written on inside of sharklets. 4simmers had to remove them because of an issue with the 3D mapping of it

and what can we do here ?

Beside of that we have for Third-Party-Mods these Category:

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It’s nothing new, the default A320 winglet model is just a single piece mapped where the other side is set to be mirrored.

The only way for it to work is to isolate the model mapping for the winglet that the FBW A32NX uses, and make it into a separate addon that replaces the default A320 winglet model. Then they can use the same mapping that they done for the FBW A32NX winglet texture in there.

Theoretically this is possible in PC, but I’m not sure if it’s possible on XBOX. I’m guessing it’s possible given that there’s a modder out there that would just use the winglet model from the FBW A32NX and make into an XBOX compatible mod in the marketplace that replaces the winglet from the default A320, then have all the liveries that are already available to be updated with the modded winglet.

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@kampfrj hope this helps