50% Varjo drop price!

I currently have an HP G2. I love the VR experience but if I am on a long bush trip segment, I start getting to the point where I look forward to the leg ending so I can take the headset off and cool down.

So truthfully, I have been debating for the last month which headset to get. I want the best in clarity. So I was leaning towards an Aero. All the reviewers say that for visuals and FOV that the Crystal was the better choice, but between having no cooling and the battery, I ruled the Crystal out. But on the other hand, I wanted night flights to have perfect blacks, and I wanted to start getting into DCS which requires scanning the skies quickly, and I know my G2 if I swing my head fast, I feel the weight of the headset and there is a little bit of momentum with all the bulkiness. So the Beyond was the other headset I was contemplating for the better blacks and sheer comfort of being in VR and not feeling like you had a headset on. The Aero and Beyond have separate use cases, and I was battling between them which was ultimately going to be more important to me. This price drop is perfect. I can now get both for the same price that I would have had to pay for the Aero before.


Will the Valve Index Base Stations 2.0 @ £139 shown on the Steam store work with the Varjo Aero?
Thanks in advance.

You can buy base stations directly from Varjo, bundled (with some discount) with the Aero.

Thanks, yes. I was looking at those with the view they are guaranteed to work but had seen posts of people buying ones elsewhere, or locally to them, cheaper and avoiding possible import duty. There seems to be different models and prices though and not sure of the differences re using with the Aero.

Yes, cheaper than from Varjo too.

I don’t seem to be able to purchase a Varjo Aero in Australia. Their website directs me to 3x local dealers but none of these show these are available. So, not sure how to order one? Maybe I’ll be best to wait for used ones to show up on Ebay for about $700-800.

I’m in a similar situation, umming and arring about which headset to get. I have Quest 2 which I find bulky and uncomfortable. The current crop of high-end headsets each has its drawbacks. I feel there’s a good chance that within 6-9 months something with the best features of all of them will be released. I’m thinking I might just get a Quest 3 which should maintain a good resale value. If I do go for one of the top-end ones, it will probably be the Beyond.

What helped me with my G2 immensely is having two small quiet 6" desk fans left and right, pointed at my head set with wind flow at the vent above your nose. This exchanges air inside the G2, eliminates all condensation and cools your face as well.

Side benefit in open canopy planes is the feeling of wind in your face :scarf:

And now there is an extra 10% promo for black friday, putting the price to 891!

If you’re in the US and wish to purchase from a site in the US, go to Adorama. Search for Varjo Aero. They have the 10% off too…you can also purchase the SteamVR base station 2.0 from them.

By doing this, you don’t have to go through customs and they have a return policy.

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Of course I saw your post after I had already ordered directly from Varjo. Doh! I knew Adorama sold them with the 50% discount. Should have checked to see if they had the additional 10% (which they did). And it’s in stock. Oh well, I won’t have time to jump down the rabbit hole with it until Christmas anyhow, so I can wait the 2-4 weeks while I get Rx inserts and the base stations. Thought about canceling it, but sometimes the international transactions are untidy to unwind. All good.

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So what is the general consensus on the Varjo Aero at current pricing? I’m using a Pico 4 just now which I really enjoy but longing for some extra clarity and don’t mind paying a premium within reason. The vertical FOV is my biggest concern though - is it really that noticeable?

I went from a G2 to the Aero. Very happy with the switch, clarity is great. I really didn’t notice the FOV at all. The large sweet spot is wonderful.


This was my concern as well. It turned out to be a non-issue. Honestly with the clarity and eye-tracking, you won’t notice the vertical FOV change.