5700 XT Settings Help

Good evening. Looking to improve FPS using a Ryzen 5 3600X and Radeon 5700 XT combo. Getting around 50 FPS plus or minus depending on the complexity of the aircraft and scenery. Any suggestions are appreciated.

50FPS is pretty great for this sim, you don’t need more. Looks like you’ve got it in a pretty sweet spot already.


Oh I wish I was getting 50fps.I am averaging 30-35fps in big airports 1440p.What settings are you currently and your monitor’s resolution?

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Resolution is 2560 x 1440 at 144 Hz. I started the game using High End stock settings and have made so many adjustments since then, I can’t remember them all. Most adjustments were the result of watching YouTube videos and trying the suggestions they made. The video I got the most help from was put out by JayzTwoCents. It contained both Windows tweaks and in game graphics settings suggestions.

Reveal your secrets to us! I am far away from 50fps… I mean, it depends where… plus I have a weaker CPU

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that was fast, thanks :wink:

I am running the same GPU and similar CPU. My resolution is 4K and I get around 40fps on the medium quality setting (bloom off). Over large cities and in weather it drops to low 30s. 50fps is great for this sim in its present state. As far a setting connected directly to your GPU I would recommend the Standard preset as it dose not perform any extra functionality.

Also, manual caching you more popular locations that you fly might help keep the fps up in certain situations.

See ya in the sky’s.